Snopes Introduces New “Diaper on Fire” Rating For Trump Tweets

Washington, DC
– Venerated fact-checking website Snopes has added a new category for Donald Trump’s early morning Twitter tirades. This comes on the heels of Twitter finally growing just a wee bit of testicular fortitude, and hiding one of his posts that celebrated violence.

Snopes will be reviewing each of his Tweets, and adding ratings that range from “Seriously?” for basic dumb statements to “Diaper on Fire” for his most inflammatory posts.

“We can only assume that the elderly toddler has a severe diaper rash, based on the irritation and rash statements made in his Tweets. Snopes has repeatedly been accused by Trump and Fox News viewers as being a communist liberal organization, so what do we have to lose?” stated Snopes spokesperson Kim Jones.

Twitter said that they had to be slightly more responsible than Facebook, but couldn’t risk losing the bundles of ad revenue their most famous and obnoxious user brought them.

Mark Zuckerberg, when reached for a comment, responded only with “blow me, earthlings” and a picture of one of his mountains of cash.

Emanuel Lombard is the publisher of American Buffoon, a nationally recognized online satire publication. 

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