Nyx Captain Says “All Lives Matter,” Issues Apology Amid Criticism

An Instagram image posted by the Krewe of Nyx Captain Julie Lea. Courtesy of Instagram.

As Black Lives Matter protests have spread worldwide following the murder of George Floyd, the Mystic Krewe of Nyx, which touts itself as a diverse and inclusive Mardi Gras organization, repeated the same right wing trope of “All Lives Matter.” 

The photo, which depicts a black and white child embracing, also says “Our souls are the same color” – doubling down on the colorblind narrative designed to derail a movement for African Americans.

Yesterday, Tracey’s Irish Channel Bar sustained heavy criticism for a May 30 Facebook comment in response to the peaceful protests that took place in New Orleans on the same date. 

The screenshot, which was taken from the Krewe of Nyx’s Instagram page, quickly spread across social media, accompanied by negative criticism. This prompted the Captain of the Krewe of Nyx to issue an apology

“Nyx touts itself as an ‘ all women’ krewe yet denies membership to trans women. One of the founders is an ex-cop,” Twitter user @fahEvaEva said. “This is 100% expected from them.”

“Mystic Krewe of Nyx is CANCELLED,” Twitter user @ShawnieceQB said.

Twitter user @ShawnieceQB criticizes the Krewe of Nyx for their “All Lives Matter” post. Courtesy of Twitter.

This is not the first time the Krewe of Nyx has come under controversy. In 2019, the New Orleans Advocate reported that a local chef caught a Confederate flag bead at Nyx. 

The Krewe captain, Julie Lea, issued a statement denouncing the throw and promised to kick out the member identified. 

Today, Ms. Lea, who is a former NOPD officer, of the Krewe of Nyx issued an apology on Twitter in a press release.

“In an effort to be a voice of unity, I fell short with my fellow sisters. . . . I now realize, no matter how it is used, “All Lives Matter” is divisive and tone deaf. I acknowledge and take full responsibility for my own lack of knowledge,” the statement reads in part.

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