Trump: “Hitler Was Just Trying To Make Germany Great Again”

Washington, DC
– Donald Trump has apologized for posing with a Bible in front of a church the other day. In a first-ever for Trump, he explained that he intended to grab the copy of Mein Kampf he keeps by his bed, but snatched up a Bible instead.

The Donald has taken a lot of criticism in recent days for his handling of the Black Lives Matter protests, as well as using a church as a propaganda prop.

“Jesus gave away free healthcare to the poor and the sick. Hitler gassed them instead like a real leader, like I had the police do for my photo op” said Trump. “Hitler and I have a lot in common, just think about it. We were both hated by the fake news media, the lying press, and we both just wanted to make our countries great again. Hitler just wanted to make Germany great again. Instead he was crucified by the ANTIFA terrorists and bullied into hiding in a bunker, where he later killed himself. A terrible loss for Germany, believe me.”

Trump also stated he would remember to keep his copies of Mein Kampf and the Bible separate in the future, adding that he only reads the Bible for “the kinky stuff with Lot and his daughters.”

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