CBD Oil In New Orleans


Since its legalization throughout the state of Louisiana in June last year, (yes almost a year ago!), CBD oil and associated products sales have grown at an alarmingly quick rate. New Orleans is, as you would expect, one of the hotbeds in Louisiana right now, where the market is really beginning to become a major source of income for many businesses. If you include the metro area, the city or Parish holds over 1.2 million people within its boundaries. The market here is worth, in some estimates, almost $3 million per year. There also seems to be no ceiling currently as projections have this growing 5 fold over the coming 5 years to 2025.


So What Is CBD?

CBD is a Cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant, a relative of the Marajuana plant. The best oils, sold legally, contain a wide array of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids. Products sold must contain less than 0.3% THC, the hallucinogenic responsible for the high in pot, meaning you cannot get high from it. It is purchased to aid a number of ailments. From intense pain, to anxiety and stress relief. There seems to be a lot of people who not only swear by it themselves, but passionately recommend it to others suffering from many ailments current medicines do not help with. 


People buy tinctures, capsules, (like these here), or vape E liquids as well as creams and other edibles like chocolate or general candies. As the popularity grows more and more items like bath bombs and hair and beard oils are becoming more sought after. 




Is It All Good?

As with any product there will always be those who look to profit from poor quality products and to mislead customers. However as people learn more about these products and learn to check out lab reports as well as checking out oil types, the ability to scam is reducing considerably. Awareness of the difference between high quality oils like Golden ones against Isolates that only carry the CBD Cannabinoid and no other elements of value are beginning to see competition rising for the better grade products on the market. This has to be a good thing. It’s interesting for law enforcement to be taking action against poor quality CBD sellers, rather than arresting people for using such products, something thousands of users are grateful for. As for whether or not this will lead to Marajuana being legal, it doesn’t seem that the two items go hand in hand beyond their relationship as a plant. There are still calls to legalize Marajuana in New Orleans and indeed throughout Louisiana, that are growing stronger now CBD oils are legal, yet still they remain firmly on the illegal side of the page. 


So What Does The Future Look Like?

Very rosy indeed. You can buy CBD products from stores, markets and easily online. There are even cafes offering infused coffees to an eager customer base. As more research comes back positive for the medicinal values of these products, demand can only grow. We expect to see the market worth around $15 million by 2025. That means a lot of jobs in this industry and all those associated with it in and around the New Orleans area. 

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