Emerging Food and Beverage Trends

Gourmands like trying different beverages and foods frequently. New trends emerge each year. The beverage and food industry is dynamic as companies compete to make tasty foods that suit different communities. At times, it is tricky to make a natural formulation. It takes time to make a new food trend. The following are five emerging food and beverage trends you need to sample.

Puffed Snacks

Many people are keen on their diets due to an increase in the number of lifestyle diseases. Food manufacturers have a special interest in snacks. They are shifting from sugar-laced snacks to healthy ones. Some people consume up to three snacks a day. So, manufacturers are focusing on producing snacks with high nutrient content. Many average consumers like high-protein bars with natural ingredients.

The demand for bagged snacks has increased in 2020. Some people are avoiding greasy snacks like deep-fried chips as they might cause obesity. Puffed snacks like quinoa snacks, kale, and beet satisfy the cravings of many gourmets. The most alluring restaurants worldwide sell them.


Climate change has been a major concern for many nations for over a decade. Some governments have educated citizens on the importance of conserving the environment. As a result, some people ponder about how their food and beverage choices affect the environment. They scrutinize the integrity and sustainability initiatives of various supply chains. Upcycled ingredients like whey protein help in eliminating waste.

Consumers check the biodegradability of different packaging while shopping. Beverage and food manufacturers are upholding high quality and ethical standards in their chains of custody.

Infused Beverages

This year, more people are seeking health-conscience and holistic beverages and meals rather than mixed berry. Some unique fruit flavor profiles this year include bergamot orange, prickly pear, pomelo, yuzu, and makrut lime. They are drastically gaining popularity, as they are perfect substitutes for carbonated beverages.

They have low sugar content and don’t need artificial sweeteners.

Beyond Peas

Many consumers bought plant-based meats in 2019. Now, some of them are shifting to pea protein. Soy has been a popular plant-based meat for many years. Food manufacturers are adding pea protein while making plant-based meats this year. It is a primary ingredient in Awesome Burger and Plant-Based Burger. The pea protein market might generate $313.5 million by 2025, according to Grand View Research.

Maria Velissariou, a technology officer at the Institute of Food Technologists, believes that the increasing demand for plant-based meats is pressurizing pea protein producers. Protein from other sources might be introduced into the market soon including mushrooms, macadamia, and chickpeas. Meat processors are producing plant-based milk and nuts to simulate various animal products.

Inherent Nutritional Value

Ingredient transparency is a concern for many consumers. Some diners look for foods with easy-to-pronounce ingredients. About 30 percent of consumers use healthy diet trends such as Whole 30, Paleo, and Keto. They are avoiding foods with dyes, artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, and starches.
Beverage and food companies strive to make new trends each year. Puffed Snacks, Sustainability, Infused Beverages, Beyond Peas, and Inherent Nutritional Value are the top food and beverage trends this year. But, you might see other innovations by December, that might comprise beef products, pork, fish, chicken, and plant-based burgers.

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