Bright Face: Supplements to Take to Improve Your Skin Health

Bright Face: Supplements to Take to Improve Your Skin Health

No one is happy when acne pops up, and no one likes dry or oily skin. So what do we do? We turn to expensive night creams and even more expensive under-eye creams and drink insane amounts of water. Those are all great (depending on your skin’s needs), but you could improve your skin’s glow by adding some goodies to your morning pill routine. Here are some supplements to take to improve your skin health that are known to make a difference.

Royal Jelly

The first two supplements on our list are probably ones you haven’t heard too much about—but you shouldn’t sleep on these. If you want clearer skin, think about trying royal jelly. It’s full of nutrients; it reduces inflammation; and it can even support the maintenance of healthy, younger-looking skin.

Evening Primrose Oil

Another important supplement evening primrose oil. It contains healthy, fatty acids, and the best part is that it’s thought to maintain balanced hormone. If you get raging acne once a month, then evening primrose oil can help level out those hormones and balance out your acne. This supplement is an even greater help when combined with other fatty acids.

Vitamins A, B, and C

You’re probably already taking these (or if you aren’t, you definitely should be), but these are ideal vitamins for healthy skin. The different vitamins have different benefits for the skin. For example, dermatologists often recommend Vitamin A to patients with acne-prone skin. It’s an effective antioxidant that can reduce the pesky oil your skin produces. B-vitamins play key roles in skin maintenance. B12 helps bodies maintain a healthy balance of healthy bacteria. Vitamin C is perfect for people who deal with scarring, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or major acne breakouts. If you want brighter skin, invite vitamin C into your life. Not to mention, the rest of your body craves this vitamin as well. Just check with your doctor to see which of these vitamins would work best for your skin.


The last reliable supplement your skin needs is zinc. Your immune system and your skin interact a lot. If your immune system suffers, your skin probably suffers as well. A bit of zinc will restore the balance between the two, improving your immune system and your skin at the same time.

Balance of Nature is also a supplement company that specializes in providing natural and organic supplements to help individuals maintain the balance of nature within their bodies.

If you want brighter skin, a variety of things come into play. Taking some of these supplements and using tbh pimple cream to improve skin health will make a difference!

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