New Orleans Homeland Security Leader Shared Facebook Posts Glorifying Violence Against Protesters

NOHSEP leader Adam Brickeen shares a post that supports shooting protesters. Courtesy of Facebook.

A high-ranking employee with the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (NOHSEP) recently made social media posts glorifying violence against protesters. One post joked openly about shooting them. 

Adam Brickeen is Communications Chief for the New Orleans Real-Time Crime Center, according to his LinkedIn profile. Brickeen is also NOHSEP liaison for the city Emergency Management Services. Another article names Brickeen as IT Security Chief for the Real-Time Crime Center.

NOHSEP leader Adam Brickeen’s LinkedIn profile. Courtesy of LinkedIn.

In a more recent post, Brickeen posted a video to his Facebook account, titled “Patriots kicking the shit out of Antifa, enjoy!” 

NOHSEP leader Adam Brickeen posts a video celebrating violence against “Antifa.” Courtesy of Facebook.

Despite claims made by President Trump, there is scant evidence that Antifa has contributed to violence at protests. 

In another post, Brickeen shared a photo from a page called “Assault Life.” The text reads “If rioters come to your area, please remember, don’t be a litterbug, pick up your brass!” 

NOHSEP leader Adam Brickeen shares a post that supports shooting protesters. Courtesy of Facebook.

“Picking up your brass” refers to cleaning up spent shell casings after firing a gun. In this case, it implies shooting at protesters.

Brickeen also shared an image titled “Problem, Reaction, Solution: Plandemic ID2020.” In this image, billionaire Bill Gates is accused of creating the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in order to profit off of a vaccine. 

The belief that Bill Gates is behind the global coronavirus pandemic is popular in fringe right wing circles.

NOHSEP leader Adam Brickeen shared a “Plandemic” meme accusing Bill Gates of creating COVID-19. Courtesy of Facebook.

New Orleans police officers were recently excoriated for using indiscriminate force – including tear gas and rubber balls – against peaceful protesters on the Crescent City Connection. 

Three days ago, the NOPD stripped Detective Anthony Edenfield of his officer’s commission and suspended him pending investigation. Edenfield had called protesters “animals” on social media and advocated running them over or shooting them. 

Although not a member of the NOPD, Brickeen’s role at the Real-Time Crime Center involves close collaboration with law enforcement and investigation of criminal activity. 

“[Brickeen’s] sentiments raise questions as to his ability to unbiasedly police the City and monitor residents in real time,” an anonymous EMS worker told Big Easy Magazine.

The source added that, as a high-ranking city government official, “he should not be promoting violence against residents in any form or fashion.” 

“How can residents trust someone with such grave responsibilities when he overtly supports violence against the public at large?”

UPDATE 6/16/20 (9:37 CST): The City of New Orleans has released a statement via Facebook condemning the posts made by Brickeen.

“These posts were harmful, erroneous, and do not reflect the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, an office that is dedicated to protecting the safety of all residents of our city and that has been leading the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the post reads in part.

Mr. Brickeen has been placed on emergency suspension pending a pre-termination hearing.

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