3 Important Tips on How to Hold Your Own Wine Tasting

3 Important Tips on How to Hold Your Own Wine Tasting

Though you might not be able to head out to your favorite winery or take that wine-trip to Italy, that doesn’t mean you can’t taste some delicious wines. With the help of online wine delivery services, you can find quality international, national, and regional wine with the click of a button. When you order a few bottles, you could even put on your own personal wine-tasting extravaganza. Whether you want to enjoy it with you and your partner or with a few friends in the backyard, here are some important tips on how to hold your own wine tasting. Check it out!

Purchase Wine According to Party Size

Don’t make the mistake of not ordering enough wine. We suggest (and it’s important for pandemic precautions) that you limit the guest count to 10 people or fewer. Smaller groups encourage more conversation and allow for a deeper discussion about the wine. When it comes to planning the wine, order based on the number of guests—think about how much wine there is in a bottle.

A bottle of wine is about 24 ounces, so you could pour about 12 samples of 2-ounce tasters from each bottle. You’ll have to do a bit of math to sort it out. However, don’t forget that guests like to re-taste, so it ends up being about one bottle per person. So, if you’re tasting 5 different bottles for 10 people, you’ll have just enough leftover in each to purchase exactly 5 bottles.

Plan Out Your Sessions

We just gave a five-bottle tasting as an example. Some may think that’s too small, but the number of wines per session depends on how elegant and in-depth you want the tasting to be. If you want to keep it relaxed, you may not need to have such a wide variety of wine and a varied number of sessions—that’s okay.

Either way, make sure you plan out your sessions. Will you go from sparkling to dry white or sweet white? A typical flow pattern is as follows (again, you can take out any one of the sessions to match your needs): bubbles, sweet whites, dry whites, rosés, light reds, bold reds, and dessert wines. You could have one bottle per session, or even go up to four or five! Just make sure to provide a spit bucket in case people don’t want to get too intoxicated.

Serve the Right Food

There’s a lot that goes into the planning of the actual serving of the wine. You need to have enough glasses, or at least have labels for each glass to keep yourself and your guests in the know. You need to make sure you’re serving the wine at the right temperature. Also, a major point is making sure you serve the right food. You don’t necessarily need to have a private chef in the kitchen whipping things up. However, having some sort of food for the different sessions will help expand the flavor profile.

Remember, it’s up to you how simple or complex this process is. Hopefully, these important tips on how to hold your own wine tasting give you a good place to start!

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