Colin Lake Releases His Feel-Good Summertime Single ‘Alajuela’

Today, Splice Records artist Colin Lake releases his latest single, a feel-good summertime tune “Alajuela.”
“For me, Alajuela is a feeling,” said Colin Lake. “It’s a blissful moment in time that you never want to end. I wrote the song in Alajuela, Costa Rica, in the mountains overlooking a beautiful valley where you can watch planes take off and land all day and night while you listen to the sounds of the jungle. Everything about our short time there was perfect, and I wrote the song at night, a few hours before my wife and I had to wake up and board one of those planes ourselves. It’s definitely one of the feelings we were chasing when we decided to leave it all behind and shove off on a sailboat a few years ago.”
To stream “Alajuela,” see here.
“To capture the vibe in the studio we laid a beautifully melodic electric piano, layered guitars and ethereal background vocals over a hypnotic soul beat – the result is lush and dreamy with an outro that you just want to go on forever.”
For more information on Colin Lake, see

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