6 of the Best Paper Editing Tools for College Students


Researching and writing an essay is essential for college students, but the final step is highly important yet the most ignored. By this, we mean proofreading and editing your paper. Even with the best resources, ideal command for grammar, and profound essay writing skills, your work will never lack a few typos or mistaken grammatical errors. 

It is for this reason that going through your work provides great relief and bolsters your chances of attaining a high grade. But, we have to admit that this isn’t the most luxurious process. Most students are tired at this point, and some are anxious to submit their papers.  There are also resources on the market that offer best essay writing services reviews to solve these problems whether looking for essay writing service for high school or college.

Besides that, there are issues with tight deadlines that make students submit their assignments without properly proofreading. Unfortunately, this results in low grades, although it is a problem that you can avoid without spending a coin. 

The availability of online editing tools, like ProfEssays.com, helps students to correct the errors present in their essays and submit premium-quality assignments written in native English. That said, here’s a list of the best editing software that should ease your essay review process. Also, if you want to make some text changes online or on your laptop, use one of these text editors to speed up the work flow.

Hiring Professional Proofreaders and Editors 

The option might be expensive, but you can rest assured it is worth the cost. Surprisingly, the availability of professional editors online means that you can always get the help you need from the comfort of your home and at your time of need. 

That said, with editing experts, you end up with a high-quality and perfectly polished assignment. That way, you get a chance to better your score in essays, even if you aren’t a native speaker. 


The next option you ought to consider, if professional editing services are expensive, is using Grammarly. The software is the closest thing to human editors, and many people can approve this. Its ease of use, low cost, and ease of accessibility make it an ideal fit for most people. Besides that, the software enables you to edit in 4 languages, including:

  • American English 
  • Australian English 
  • Canadian English 
  • British English 

So, depending on the language style you are to use, the app will offer suggestions and enable you to make the essential corrections. Finally, the software is free, although there are premium paid packages that provide enhanced correction services. 

Hemmingway Editor 

Whereas lecturers demand precisely written and ideally structured essays, the process isn’t achievable without understanding where the sentence structure problem lies. Fortunately, Hemmingway editor scans your file and points out the areas that need simplifying as a result of:

  • Poor sentence structuring 
  • Redundant phrases 
  • Wordy sentences 

The best thing about this app is the way it is free and readily available online. Finally, its suggestions are easy to follow and make the necessary corrections. 

Paper Rater

If you are looking for an essay editing tool that is free and requires no registration, Paper Rater is the way to go. This tool offers free features for checking essays not exceeding 5 pages. It has software that provides grammar and spelling check services.

Paper Rater also offers an optional plagiarism checker in case you want to ensure that all your references are correctly cited. You can also upgrade to a premium, ad-free plan to better your experience with this online editing software. The premium package has advanced capabilities and provides a detailed report.


ProWritingAid is a great tool that will analyze your essay and show you the areas where you’ve used words repeatedly or overused them. It also reveals grammatical and spelling errors as well as improper writing style. 

Its reports help improve your overall writing skills hence enabling you to deliver a high-quality assignment with ease. Therefore, in matters related to reliability, ProWritingAid is a software you can always count on. 


Grammarly is among the most popular online editing tools, but WhiteSmoke offers the best alternative to the software. WhiteSmoke provides a wide range of services besides plagiarism and style-check services. Finally, the software offers premium translation services, with over 50 languages available for incredible user experience. 

Final Thoughts 

The online essay editing tools listed above are among the best, reliable, and most affordable options for college students. The availability of free versions in most of the editing software means that it is possible to polish and deliver an error-free paper at no cost. 

However, when it comes to thesis papers and dissertations, using free and cheap editing services can be costly. Here, the most appropriate option is hiring professional editors and proofreaders.

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