Courtyard Brewery: “F— Each and Every One of You Who Don’t Take Covid Seriously”

Courtesy of Courtyard Brewery Facebook Page

In surprising New Orleans news today, Courtyard Brewery bluntly expressed just how fed up they are with people being irresponsible. After having planned to reopen their business next week, they received today’s announcement from Governor John Bel Edwards that bars are going to be shuttered once again, except for carry out service, with a large measure of frustration. But Courtyard Brewery isn’t taking their anger out on the governor. Instead, they’re aiming it at the general public, specifically, at people they feel are unable to conduct themselves appropriately by wearing masks. 

They tweeted: “Okay so we were planning on reopening next week but now thanks to all you dumb motherfuckers who refuse to wear masks we won’t be reopening. Fuck each and every one of you who refuse to take Covid seriously. Quote me.”

Courtyard Brewery has recently moved to a new location at 1160 Camp Street, New Orleans. 

Both the CDC and Governor John Bel Edwards have encouraged wearing masks. But in many parts of the nation, especially in the Midwest and the South, this has been more problematic, compared to some East Coast areas. 

Statistically, in the last two days, Louisiana has shown an uptick in cases comparable to its highest point back in April. It is among one of the worst surges in the nation. Health professionals lay the blame on people who have been gathering in large numbers once again and who refuse to wear masks. At least 36 outbreaks of Covid-19 have been traced to bars within the state. Health professionals agree that masks can substantially decrease the risk of viral transmission if worn correctly. 

The new mandates will go into effect at 12:01 AM CST, Monday, July 13th. Masks must be worn by anyone over eight years old and no indoor gatherings of more than fifty people will be allowed.

Note: Big Easy Magazine supports Courtyard Brewery’s stance on this matter. 

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