Dating During Coronavirus: Can You Find Love in a Pandemic?


In a matter of months, the world has been engulfed by the Coronavirus pandemic, with different countries responding to the health crisis in different ways. A whole new lexicon has entered our lives, from lockdowns to social distancing. Shopping for necessities often means queuing up to wait our turn, while everywhere we look people are wearing face masks. This climate has had a dramatic effect on our social lives and has been especially tough for singles seeking a partner. Perhaps you’re waiting until pubs and nightclubs reopen? Or you could be adapting to the curtailed contact by joining a dating site? Here are some of the ways you can find love in the era of COVID-19 according to experts from this website.

Look into online options

Online dating is the perfect way of getting in touch with potential partners from a remote location. You might even get familiar with singles living in a different part of the country, or from a foreign background. Because there are no boundaries with dating websites you could just as easily find yourself connecting with an attractive and eligible single from Australia or Finland – although you always have the option of starting a relationship with someone closer to home. The online environment gives you a diverse range of choices, and the freedom to stoke a sense of chemistry with regular messages.

Find people with common interests

Matching websites offer a terrific method of finding kindred spirits – browsing personal profiles. After you have signed up to a site, you can take your time sifting through the descriptions previously been uploaded by site users seeking romance. Check out the hobbies and interests that have been specified, and if you find someone who strikes a chord, you’ll already have established the basic aspects of compatibility. Now you’ll have so much to chat about when you begin exchanging messages. You can find out so much about a prospective partner before actually meeting face-to-face.

Use video chatting technology

One of the most profound aspects of the lockdown situation has been the fact business has had to migrate from offices to hot desks. For the past few months, business meetings have carried on, but instead of taking place in actual conference rooms, they have been conducted in virtual ones, via software such as Zoom. This type of visual communication has enabled people to touch base, even when they’re nowhere near the subjects they’re interacting with. It doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see how readily this technology could be transferred to dating. You could quite easily find a love interest during a video chat.

Enter chat rooms

Even before the pandemic, a lot of singles were signing up to chat room facilities and introducing themselves to a cross-section of interesting individuals. You can enter group discussions and build a network of new friends and contacts, and the more you become familiar with the other singles using these forums, you’ll gain the confidence to home in on individuals for some chats.

Make plans

Finally, if you’re going to search for love during the pandemic, an important tip would be thinking beyond the current situation. You are never going to connect with an eligible partner if you dwell on the possibility they might have been exposed to someone with the virus or might be in recovery. Look ahead, perhaps planning a weekend getaway or a holiday next year, when the situation will have hopefully calmed down. When you’re looking for love in a pandemic, it is so important to retain a sense of optimism.

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