Tips for Creating the Perfect Vintage Themed Wedding

Tips for Creating the Perfect Vintage Themed Wedding

Themed weddings have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, and with good reason. Themed weddings allow the happy couple the opportunity to share their passions and interests with friends and family through a few well-placed decorations. Vintage weddings are one of the most popular options for brides and grooms looking to do things a bit differently. This particular theme allows the happy couple to harken back to the olden days when times were simpler and the world was brimming with glamor and romance. This brief guide explores several tips for creating the perfect vintage themed wedding for your own special day.

Pick an overarching vintage theme

The term “vintage” can describe several different time periods, from the early 1900s to the more recent 1960s. To ensure that your special day fits your vision as closely as possible, choose an overarching theme within the vintage genre. Popular choices include a retro 1960s theme or a 1930s old Hollywood glamor theme. The 1920s are also a popular decade for vintage weddings, as it allows the happy couple to pull out all the stops to create an event even Gatsby would be jealous of. Choosing an overarching theme will make it easier to select style elements that match and will allow you to create a more cohesive design for the event as a whole.

Choose a venue with a history

One of the best tips for creating the perfect vintage themed wedding is to choose a venue with a history of its own. This task is rather simple in New Orleans, as the city itself radiates rich history around every corner. Try to select a venue with a history and architecture that match the intended decade for your vintage wedding. The architecture and ambiance will tie the whole theme together and transport your guests to an entirely different era. If you’d like to incorporate an additional historical element into your big day, consider choosing a venue with a slightly haunted past. They’re quite easy to come by in New Orleans and will leave your guests talking for weeks.

Don’t forget the details

The details will pull the entire affair together and make guests feel as though they’ve truly stepped through history. Props and table decorations are a great place to start. Old records, polaroid photographs, or antique frames are all great decorations to incorporate throughout the wedding. You can incorporate vintage elements into the food and beverage menu as well. Consider serving appetizers and cocktails that were popular in the decade you’re recreating. Absinthe is a great way to get your guests into a vintage mood and will provide as much entertainment as it does refreshment. Milkshakes could be a fun addition to a 1950s-themed wedding, while fruit cocktails and angel food cake will match a 1920s theme perfectly.

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