Beginner’s Guide to CBD Hemp Flower: How to Use High-CBD Buds


Although CBD oil and CBD vape juice have been very popular around the world, some people prefer to use CBD buds. They are gaining momentum since they contain full-spectrum CBD and offer additional benefits. Probably, you are wondering what high-CBD flowers are or what the buds are especially if you have not used them before. 

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis sativa family. As described by floridaindependent, it differs from marijuana in that it does not have significant levels of THC, one of the cannabinoids that is psychoactive. Usually, the THC levels in hemp buds are lower than the legally accepted 0.3%. Another difference is that hemp is more commonly legalized across the world for medical use (such as treating chronic pain, visit HealthCanal to learn more) while cannabis is legal in only some countries and typically used for leisure. 

Hemp plants produce flowers, which are then dried after maturity. They are either called high-CBD flowers or simply hemp buds.  People use them in numerous ways to enjoy the health benefits of CBD.

That said, it is time for beginners to know how they can use flower buds to enjoy their benefits. Check out the insights below.

Smoking CBD Buds

Most people know that smoking tobacco is not health-friendly. The smoke contains numerous toxins and chemicals that harm the inner organs. Likewise, smoking marijuana makes people “high” due to the presence of large amounts of THC.

But smoking hemp buds has some perks according to research. As mentioned, the buds contain CBD together with 100+ other cannabinoids that you benefit from when you smoke them. Depending on what you prefer, you can smoke them in one of the following ways.

  • Cigar paper – Rolling hemp flowers like a cigar is very common. Actually, no one will notice that you are not smoking a cigar. Some tobacco cigarette papers have nicotine for people who would like to add this flavor. There are also pre-made non tobacco cigarettes available.
  • Pipes – These are common as a fancy option for people who are passionate about style. But it is the convenience of pipes that leads many people to use them. They have a space for placing and igniting hemp buds while you inhale the smoke through a mouthpiece. Some sophisticated pipes have water chambers that act as a filter for the smoke before it reaches the mouth.
  • Hookahs – These devices are commonly used for shisha. But they can also be used for smoking CBD flowers. Both traditional and electronic hookahs are popular devices these days.

Vaping CBD Buds

Today, vaping has become very popular. And vapers have become very creative when it comes to the use of their devices. If you want, you can dry vape your CBD flower using an appropriate device. All you need to do is visit the Cannaflower website and buy your favorite CBD flower strains buds.

Dry vape pens are increasing in popularity these days. They have powerful batteries and high-resistance coils that heat the dry herbs until the terpenes become gas. Hence, when you inhale it, the experience is the same as that of vapor from vape juice.

However, you might need to be sure to buy high-CBD flower strains that are recommended for vaping. This method is believed to deliver the highest-quality CBD that is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Eating CBD Buds

The other popular way of consuming these buds is by eating them. Luckily, there are many ways of enjoying the flowers in your diet.

  • Cannabutter – This trending product is now popular in many people’s refrigerators. It is simply made by grinding hemp buds and mixing them with heated butter. The high temperature extracts CBD and terpenes from the ground flowers. When it cools, it can be used for cooking or spreading on bread. 
  • Pastries – In some places, cookies are especially popular. Marijuana cookies are common. In the same way that they are made, hemp bud cookies can be made. First, grind the flowers and add them in cookie or other pastry ingredients. Baking extracts the nutrients from the flowers. You have to know the right number of flowers to add in a recipe to experience all the benefits.
  • Cocktails – Yes, you can make cocktails using hemp buds as one of the ingredients. If you visit wellness centers or some healthy beach cocktail bars, you will find these drinks. Often, the buds are crushed using mortar and pestle or shaken with other ingredients to extract nutrients. Cocktails and smoothies that are blended are even better.
  • Used in cooking a variety of dishes – Soups, stews, or any other food can have CBD buds as an ingredient. As people become more creative in their kitchens, these products are becoming more popular. Perhaps, you can discover common recipes that use CBD on the web.

Making Capsules and Supplements

Commercially, CBD flower buds are popularly used to make capsules and supplements. It is a delicate addition that requires the right dose and process. If you shop at health stores or visit health websites today, you will find numerous CBD capsules and supplements.

Health Benefits of Using Hemp CBD

Now that you know various ways of using CBD buds, it is worth knowing the benefits you will get from them. The flower buds are primarily loaded with CBD, although other cannabinoids are also present. After some scientific research, users are becoming aware of the benefits.

  • Pain and inflammation – According to research, one of the known benefits of taking CBD is relief from pain and inflammation. Hence, people with injuries, those who have just been injured, or people suffering from neuropathy can take CBD buds through any of the above methods to mitigate pain. 
  • Anxiety and stress relief – After taking hemp buds, you will be amazed by how much relaxation they bring. The CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, which then send signals to various parts of the body to eliminate anxiety and stress. 

Final Word

Using CBD regularly has many other benefits apart from what we have mentioned. Luckily, all beginners now know some interesting ways they can consume this product. Buy some hemp buds today and try them for some time to enjoy the amazing benefits.

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