Should You Put Off Your Home Renovations Due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has made life difficult for almost every business sector from the financial industry to bars and restaurants. One of the areas of great uncertainty during the global pandemic has been the construction industry with employment problems meaning many of us are choosing to put off the renovations or home improvements we would normally have begun. Whether you have recently closed on a new home and are looking to install affordable luxury like the Kohler Luxstone shower system with a bathroom remodel contractor the current climate is a difficult one top negotiate. Architectural Digest believes the best option if you have already started your project is to keep on going with a few social distancing rules in place.

Consider Social Distancing

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is how much faith you wish to put in the social distancing and hygiene policies of your contractor and their employees? For most of us, the completion of outdoor projects will be much easier to cope with than any thoughts of interior home improvement jobs. Taking the time to discuss the policies your contractor, like A+ Construction & Remodeling, has put into place is a good first step to take to make you feel better about having a project underway in your home.

You should also consider the number of inspectors and government agencies passing through your home as you move forward with your project in the coming months. COVID-19 has had an impact on the decisions of state and local government agencies who are under far stricter controls regarding the virus than private companies. The number of inspections your project goes through will probably fall, which offers both advantages and disadvantages. Reverse Mortgage Daily reports the use of appraisals for real estate deals is currently being completed online and through simple curbside viewings without any individual entering the property.

Taking Advantage of Low-Interest Rates

If a new home renovation project is being considered or a new home is being purchased this may be the time to look at financing options for the project. Mortgage rates are lower than ever with many banks and credit unions looking to offer millions of Americans special deals to keep the real estate and construction industries open.

Many people buy homes with the plan of completing some renovation work further down the line. However, the low-interest rates on offer with the majority of mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic should be a moment when these planned projects are put high on the list of options undertaken. Even in an existing home, now may be the time to invest in affordable luxury with a bathroom remodel contractor who can make major changes to the value of a property.

Make the Right Decisions About Projects

Many projects can be undertaken when you are exploring the many options open to you regarding home renovations. At this time your renovation must provide the highest return on investment as possible with the correct decision being made about how to move forward with your home improvement project.

COVID-19 has already begun to have a major impact on the real estate markets with prices falling and fewer homes being sold in many of the major metropolitan areas across the U.S. One of the first choices to make is to take the necessary steps required to research how much of an impact any home improvement project will have on the value of your home. The Washington Post reports the value of any home improvement project will be difficult to place an overall price on but some projects have been proven to have a higher overall value than others.

Making the right decision about which project to undertake is a difficult choice, but, in general, one of the projects with the lowest yield is that of the basement renovation that provides just a 50 cents per square foot yield on the overall expenditure. In contrast, even the basic renovation projects of painting and landscaping can add around $3,000 to the value of any property in just a few short weeks.

Take Precautions

Whether you are looking to install a Kohler Luxstone Shower System in your bathroom or looking to have the exterior of your home painted some decisions need to be made. One of the most important things to remember is that air quality is vital to staying safe in the current days of the virus with poor quality providing a higher level of risk than a well-ventilated home.

Hygiene should always be of the highest order when you are looking to complete a home renovation in your property. There are a few basic decisions that can be made with the use of booties when moving across the worksite to avoid shifting contaminated dust into a property. The construction of a plastic wall is another positive aspect of any project with the limiting of potentially contaminated areas from the rest of your home a positive in staying healthy throughout the pandemic.

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