Reasons to Move to New Orleans

Reasons to Move to New Orleans

Moving isn’t easy, but it sure is exciting. There are countless locations and cities you could move to, so how could you possibly choose? Of course, you should move somewhere where you can get a job, but you also want somewhere interesting. Nobody wants to live in a boring city with nothing to do and limited food options. New Orleans is a location unlike any other, so why not consider moving here? If you’re searching for reasons to move to New Orleans, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more.

It’s a historic city

After being colonized by the French in 1682 and founded in 1718 under the name La Nouvelle-Orleans, there’s no doubt New Orleans has a lot of history. Among sights and landmarks like Jackson Square, French Quarter, and Bourbon Street, New Orleans attracts millions of visitors every year. And, as the birthplace of jazz, there’s plenty to see, do, and learn—why wouldn’t you want to call New Orleans home?

The food is incomparable

People visit and move to New Orleans for several reasons, but one of the many reasons is the food. New Orleans—and Louisiana in general—is known for its unbelievable dishes. Some of the most renowned foods include gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, bananas foster, and charbroiled oysters. In other words, if you’re looking for soul food, there’s no better place than New Orleans.

New Orleans is a growing city

Each year, New Orleans has seen tremendous economic growth, which brings jobs, companies, and events to the city. Now, don’t worry; just because New Orleans is a booming city doesn’t mean you’re getting the hustle and bustle of a huge city. The locals are very friendly and move at their own pace; this is not a “city that never sleeps”—maybe with the exception of Mardi Gras.

So, have our reasons to move to New Orleans convinced you to make the move? If you’re moving from out of state, we understand you’re probably nervous. There are plenty of tips for moving out of state to ease your mind and help you prepare. First and foremost, hire movers. Three Movers can help take a load of stress out of your moving process. We’re ready to welcome you home, ya’ll!

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