Efficient Ways to Make College Life Less Stressful

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With all the workload young people receive in college, it is no surprise that they experience stress and high pressure all the time. According to statistics, 45% of students characterize their stress level as above average, around 90% are overwhelmed with their assignments and more than half request professional academic help at least once a week or ask their groupmates «Can you do it for me, or maybe you know someone who could do my essay cheap?». Another research results are just sad:

  • 80% of all students feel stressed in college;
  • Around 21% of students experience stress most of the time;
  • 15% have depression, anxiety or another mental disorder based on stress;
  • 11% had suicidal thoughts at least once.

The reasons for stress may be different, but there are two basic ones that the majority of students states: living away from home and high academic demands. Many young people miss their parents, friends, and comfortable, carefree life they left at home: food is different, there is no private space and lots of new people hanging around you need to deal with. Academic requirements are also tough: essays with strict deadlines, projects, tests, papers, exams, and other stuff that can drive crazy unless you use college homework help (use speedypaper discount code to make it more affordable). Nevertheless, there are still some good ways to cope with stress and make it through college life having fun.

Top recommendations on dealing with stress

The effects of stress can be quite negative: when people can`t handle their responsibilities, they may have headaches, exhaustion, problems with sleep, and even depression. It may also lead to getting new bad habits like alcohol, smoking, and even drugs. In such situations, you should remember that there are many ways to cope with stress in college. Just take a deep breath and:

  • Get academic help

Many students, once they have problems with deadlines or don`t understand the topic, prefer to send a request like «I want to pay someone to do my homework online» and receive immediate qualified help from one of the professional services. It is very convenient and can get you some more free time to rest;

  • Accept being stressed

We always experience stress in our everyday life, just in college we experience it a few times more than necessary. Accept the fact that you will have to deal with many tasks, that you can fail with some and that there is nothing wrong in it;

  • Get relaxed

Find a way to calm down. It can be massage, meditation, aromatherapy, spa, yoga, listening to music, or just laying on your bed and thinking about nothing. Everybody needs to have some rest;

  • Play sports

Nothing can distract you from stress and problems better than training hard. Sports helps to relieve the level of stress, get rid of negative thoughts and also keep fit;

  • Watch your diet

Too much caffeine taken at night to finish your assignments can negatively impact your health and cause even more stress. Try to eat healthily, drink a lot of water, maybe try some vitamins to normalize your system, and avoid eating fast food and consuming too much sugar. You will see the changes almost at once;

  • Sleep well

Sometimes you will have to stay up late to complete your homework but don’t make it a habit. Getting enough sleep is necessary to function normally, be able to study and stress out less;

  • Think positive

This does work, believe us.

If you can’t cope with your stress level and you feel depressed, don`t be afraid to ask for help: visit a psychologist, talk to your family and friends, or receive help in college. It doesn’t make you weak; it shows that you love and care about yourself.


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