Support is Pouring in from College and High School Democrats From Across the State For Lynda Woolard

Lynda Woolard has worked collaboratively and provided leadership and training to College Democrats and High School Democrats throughout her organizing and campaign career. She has innovative ideas and strategic plans to ensure that young people and young adults are engaged and involved in the work with the Louisiana Democratic Party.

When asked about her plans and ideas to engage young Democrats, Lynda Woolard said “Party building requires engaging young voters and including them in every part of our planning. There can be no future of the party without growing our base. I have long believed that there should be a dedicated state party liaison to our High Schools, Colleges, Universities, HBCUs, and Technical Schools so there is continuity with whom professors and advisors connect students from year to year, and so each chapter of High School and College Democrats can count on a visit from a member of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “

Her work and commitment to younger generations is evident as support from members of student Democratic organizations from across the State is pouring in to underscore the importance that Lynda Woolard is successfully elected to the office of First Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Here are just a few of the powerful statements made by students illustrating Lynda Woolard’s investment in young Democratic leaders in Louisiana:

“Since College Democrats of Louisiana launched two years ago, Lynda has been a constant advocate for not only our involvement in the party, but for our empowerment. She was instrumental in designing our 2019 field plan, the first of its kind, which targeted new, young voters, leading to record turnout on college campuses. To continue to compete in all corners of the state, we need leaders like Lynda. She understands that the issues Louisiana struggles with the most – climate change, mass incarceration, educational inequality – are felt most acutely by young people. We’ll never solve these problems without centering those who understand them most intimately and without electing leaders who are willing to be our advocates.”

Henry Walther, Former President of the College Democrats of Louisiana, Deputy National Political Director of College Democrats of America, Political Science and Social Policy Major at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

”Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Lynda on the whip program for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. To say that she is organized and dedicated to the work that she does is an understatement. She and the convention coordinators didn’t hesitate to give me, and other young people, the chance to step up and be leaders in the state delegation for Joe Biden. For that I am truly and forever grateful.”  Cameron Brooks, President of the College Democrats of Louisiana, Political Science and Mass Communications Major at Xavier University, New Orleans, LA

“I believe young people should be very involved in politics, but unfortunately they are overlooked many times. It’s why I was so pleased when Lynda asked the leadership in CDLA to help with the whip program for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. I have loved being a part of getting Louisiana’s delegates involved and energized to vote for both our nominee and our party’s platform. Lynda has been an incredible help in introducing me to the process, and I thank her so much for it.”  Brooks Fordham, Vice President of College Democrats of Louisiana, Political Science and Government Major at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA

In addition to engaging with students on College and University campuses, Lynda has recognized and acknowledged the importance of engaging high school students, who are new voters or entering voting age, to use their voices to impact change.

“Lynda has always been a champion for youth involvement in the state party. Through high school, and now throughout college, I have seen her commitment to youth organizing and engagement in High School and College Democrats in the state. She has been the best advocate we could ask for.”  Charlie Stephens, Former President of Louisiana High School Democrats, Membership Director for College Democrats of Louisiana, Political Communications Major at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA

Lynda is committed to engagement on every level. Her passion for engaging new voters and young adult voters is evident through her previous work and through the comments made by the young leaders on her behalf.  Lynda is qualified for the office of First Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party and she is ready to work.


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