Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Young people feel invincible. Up for anything, they often put themselves through intense or tumultuous experiences, like attending concerts, playing sports, partying, working, and so on. This can take a heavy toll on their bodies, though, resulting in mental distress, cardiovascular issues, and back pain. In fact, back pain is one of the most common physical ailments—not surprising, given the burdens we put on it. If this is you, here are some ways to prevent lower back pain in your daily life.


Young people may not realize that, by continuously sitting and staring at technology from certain angles, they put their bodies under unnatural stress. In turn, this causes their backs to stretch and conform to awkward angles isn’t used to. Therefore, one way to reduce back pain is to stretch. Whether it’s five minutes of light morning stretches or 45 minutes of intense yoga, stretching makes you more flexible and relaxed. As a result, your back muscles—along with your other muscles—won’t feel the pressure and stress from sitting and misalignment.

Physical Therapy

The ultimate goals of any physical therapy program are to, increase functioning, decrease pain, and provide guidance to an individual program to prevent further recurrences of the issue they have been facing. NYPC has an amazing passive physical therapy program that can alleviate the patient’s pain to a more manageable level. Depending on the problem, advanced manual therapy techniques, strengthening, flexibility, and mobility training can be added in the program for quick recovery. Considering all these factors choosing NYPC should be a no-brainer for anyone with lower back pain.

Eat Healthy Foods and Exercise

Another way to prevent lower back pain is to eat healthier foods. While you might not connect diet and back pain, being overweight or obese causes serious pressure on your muscles and joints. Your body will reach a disproportionate weight that can cause mobility, respiratory, and cognitive impairments. Eating better and exercising keep your body in a healthy range that reduces inflammation on your joints. Exercising also increases the strength in your back muscles, allowing you to stay fit and flexible.

Maintain Good Posture

Naturally, poor posture is the leading cause of back problems among young people. As mentioned, with heavy technological use today, many people conform their bodies to something called “texting neck,” in which their heads constantly tilt downward, causing misalignment in their spines. Even without technology, certain habits can also alter your center of gravity and cause you to lose balance. Keeping your wallet, cell phone, keys, and other items in your back pocket can lead to these issues. That’s why you should always use a front-pocket wallet and keep your cell phone and keys in your front pockets. Not only will your back thank you, but you avoid risky situations like pickpockets and theft.


Lastly, a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your body. Many young people feel overburdened with work, socializing, and other underlying anxieties, and this leads to poor sleep patterns and heavy reliance on caffeine and other stimulants. As a result, your back and the rest of your body pay the price. Sleeping for eight to nine hours every night reduces this stress and anxiety, thus allowing your body the rest it needs to handle the day ahead.

It’s Time To Seek Medical Attention

If the pain in your lower back is getting severe day by day and it’s been more than two weeks. Moreover, the pain keeps interrupting your daily activities as well as your sleep then it’s about time you get in touch with the spine experts from Central NJ Spine. After a thorough analysis of your pain and affected areas, the doctors there will suggest you the best course of treatment for quick and effective recovery.

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