2000 Masks for Distribution with Step Up Louisiana to promote the Fair Chance in Hiring Act Saturday August 15


Saturday, August 15th, from 3 – 5pm Step Up Louisiana is a giving away delicious food and masks to get out the message about the importance of The Fair Chance Hiring Act.  Formerly Incarcerated People (FIPs) and their allies are invited to the Next Generation of Morning Star Baptist Church at 3536 Saint Ferdinand St. to pick up a free plate of food, a snow cone, and some masks and join the effort to change the laws, attitudes, and practices that currently undermine efforts for FIPs to find meaningful work.

New Orleans, LA | August 11,202 —Right now, Louisiana is one of the most incarcerated states in the nation, spending $622 million on prisons while 49th in per-inmate spending, meaning that few opportunities exist for job-related development while incarcerated. Furthermore, the families of those incarcerated are burdened by the loss of income, costs related to support of a loved one (such as phone calls, clothing, food, etc.)  When a person is released, statistics verify that without meaningful employment it is likely that individuals will be incarcerated again.

Current practices allow employers to eliminate applicants based on having a criminal record . This is bad for the business community in that it eliminates a huge workforce which wants to work and recreate their lives; it is bad for Louisiana’s economy since it means an increase in recidivism and emotional, financial, physical pressure on all members of separated families.

The Fair Chance in Hiring Act means that workers get a chance to compete for jobs, build skills, and experience. How?

  • Background checks must come after qualifications are considered.
  • Only conviction histories relevant to the job responsibilities may be considered.
  • Enforcement by the Louisiana Human Rights Commission ensure employers comply.

Who: Step Up Louisiana, First 72+, candidates for District Attorney, business owners, formerly incarcerated people, neighbors

What: New Orleanians, formerly incarcerated people and their allies are invited to grab a mask and a plate of food, speak out at 3:30PM

When & Where:

Saturday 3PM-5PM August 15th

Next Generation of Morning Star Full Gospel Baptist Church

3536 Saint Ferdinand Street, New Orleans 70126

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