How to Make Friends in Cosplay

How to Make Friends in Cosplay

Cosplay is one of the few activities open for anybody of all shapes and sizes. As the portmanteau of costume play, it refers to people who dress as their favorite characters either to the finest detail or with creative freedom. No matter the reason, anyone who decides to cosplay might feel isolated if their friends don’t. Fortunately, this guide on how to make friends in cosplay will help.

Attend a Cosplay Convention

The thing people remember most when making new cosplay friends is where they were when it happened. For many, this is at a cosplay convention. Cosplay conventions have become popular attractions since the 1970s, featuring panels of actors and creators of various entertainment mediums where thousands of fans congregate to see them. Like other expos, these conventions also allow fans to purchase merchandise and meet others who might share these similar interests. Immerse yourself in this experience, and start planning out your first cosplay convention. Don’t feel intimidated by overly dressed cosplayers, either; cosplay culture welcomes enthusiasts of every skill and experience level.

Check Out Your Local Costume or Fabric Shop

On the other hand, you might find likeminded people at your local costume shop. There’s no denying that many costume shops cater to seasonal themes, like bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, and, most especially, Halloween. However, cosplayers frequent these types of stores looking for unique or specific items of clothing or accessories for their costumes, which could lead you to others with the same passion. Additionally, check out fabric stores, too. Like costume shops, these attract DIY cosplayers seeking materials for their next costume design. Finally, you can also order a costume directly from Japan via Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

Bond Over Similar Characters

Choosing a cosplay character can be difficult given the vast number of movies, television shows, anime, comic books, and video games out there. However, one way to make friends in cosplay is to bond over characters. One reason people cosplay is because they connect with the fictional universe that they immerse themselves in. Whether it’s The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or some other fictional universe, people will naturally draw towards whichever they feel more connected with. This makes it exceptionally easy at conventions or get-togethers to find likeminded people to talk to, especially if you dress as a character from that world that nobody else is. Your uniqueness and imaginative style open the door for new connections with others in the cosplay community.

Join an Online Community

At last, if you cannot attend any cosplay conventions in-person, which the COVID-19 pandemic has made likely, consider joining an online community. Online forums and chat rooms ensure comfort and feasibility from the safety of your home as you connect and socialize with other cosplayers. From there, discover new tips, tricks, and other pieces of advice that can benefit you moving forward with your cosplay journey.

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