How Have Your Favorite Games Changed Through the Years?


Games have been an important part of society for longer than you would think, giving players of all ages a fun way to relax whilst also providing important social interaction. Ancient civilizations all over the world have been playing for millennials. The oldest board game discovered so far is Senet, an Egyptian board game which can be dated back to around 3500 BC! While some games like chess, mah-jong, and go persist today in much the same form as they have for thousands of years, others have evolved over time.

A good example is blackjack, commonly thought to have been adapted from the French game Vingt-et-un and the Spanish game 31, but there is also evidence of a similar game being played in Roman times. As the game was introduced to new people and new countries, the rules became more refined until the version we all know today became accepted as the standard. Modern blackjack comes from America, where it gained popularity in Nevada due to the state legalizing’s gambling.

Another popular gambling game which came out of America are slot machines. Originally devised with five reels and covered with playing cards, they were supposed to be an early version of video poker! The three-reel machine was much simpler and could pay winnings automatically, which is why the design rapidly took off. As technology improved, so did the machines, with slots incorporating bonus rounds, mini games and multiple modes. They were also one of the first casino games to be digitized for online play. Nowadays they are immensely popular within online casino players and many sites are offering great sign-up bonuses to attract new players.


And it’s not just popular casino games which have found their way online. Board games, a staple family hobby, have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few decades, and they have changed drastically from those you might have played as a child. From complicated tabletop role playing games like Gloomhaven, to quick co-operatives like Pandemic, the board game revolution has fought bravely against the trend of solo video games to bring people together in the spirit of the original board games of ancient times.

Board game cafes, where players can enjoy food and drink while borrowing from an in-house library are gaining in popularity. And with many board games also available in an online version – either directly or through engines like Tabletop Simulator – people can now play with friends and loved ones from further afield or find new friends through a common interest. Board games have always brought people together, and with them now available online, those connections can spread wider and further than ever before.

New updates

But it’s not just online expansion that has benefited board games. Old classics are constantly updating themselves to stay relevant to the modern market. Monopoly, the classic property trading game, now comes in many different versions; the local and themed editions change the look of the board, while versions like the Cheaters Edition seek to shake up the game play. There are also different versions of scrabble and risk – the latter coming in an exciting legacy edition, where the results of previous games have permanent effects on future battles.

Video games have also gained popularity, moving them from arcades, into our homes and now our pockets, with the expansion into mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets. While new games are released daily, there are some old favorites which keep reinventing themselves. Franchises such as the Super Mario games have been around for more than 30 years, evolving from simple black and white side scrollers to full color, 3D rendered platform, racing and puzzle games. Another Nintendo classic, Tetris, is now back as a vicious online multiplayer where you send your completed rows to one of your opponents. It’s a far cry from where the relaxing puzzler started, but it’s the perfect upgrade for modern gamers.

And this has been the trend in video games; increased multiplayer options. As with all kinds of games, the social aspect remains an important factor. People want to play their games with other people, and modern technology has made that possible even when your friends can’t be in the same room as you physically. Whether it’s online multiplayer games of Call of Duty, Dungeons and Dragons hosted over video calling apps, or live streamed poker with chat rooms, our favorite games have evolved to find new ways to keep us connected with family and friends.
As people’s lives get busier and work eats into leisure time, finding ways to unwind, relax and keep in touch with others is vitally important. There’s a game for every age and interest, all easily accessible, so what are you waiting for?

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