Five Ways To Take Your Music Career To the Next Level

Five Ways To Take Your Music Career To the Next Level
From the upbeat swing of Dixieland jazz to the soulful tones of a gospel choir, there’s no doubt that New Orleans has made its mark on the music world. Musicians around the world flock to the Big Easy to follow in the footsteps of the city’s rich musical history. If you’ve been tinkering on the piano or playing jazz in the basement and are itching to join the musical greats, here are five ways to take your music career to the next level.

Acquire Better Equipment

When you first start playing, it’s a good idea to buy a cheaper instrument to practice on until you decide whether you want to stick with it. But once you’ve started to progress and you’re ready to play for the world, it’s time to invest in some higher quality instruments that will meet your needs as a performer. For instance, electric and digital guitars and pianos are easy to amplify during performances and are often easier to hook up to recording software.

Find Your Tribe

Not connecting with other musicians in New Orleans is like starving in a five-star restaurant. You’re surrounded by resources yet are still choosing not to use them. Getting involved with other musicians is the best way to grow and establish yourself as a musician. Getting feedback from others who have been in the game longer, collaborating with them, and mixing genres is what makes music great. Beyond that, getting involved in the local community is the best way to connect with opportunities from different venues and people looking for talent.

Get Gigging

You are never going to be a musician if no one hears you play. That doesn’t mean you have to perform at the Grammy’s, of course. You can start a bit smaller. Play the local restaurant scene or play at outdoor festivals and events. The more you play, the more your name will get out there, and the more people will want to hire you to play. Never turn down a chance to gain some valuable performance experience.

Optimize Your Social Media

After you’ve performed, give fans a way to find you later and share your music with their friends. This doesn’t mean occasionally slapping a post on social media whenever it happens to cross your mind. You should post on social media regularly, keeping in mind the demographic and tastes of the people following you. You don’t need to have an account on every platform, but keep the accounts organized and connected. This will make it easy for fans to find information about you, your upcoming performances, album release dates, and how to download your music.

Keep Improving

In music, as in everything, the person who claims they’ve achieved perfection is seriously deluding themselves. As an artist, you should always try to find ways to take your music career to the next level. Otherwise, you’ll become a one-trick pony on stage. Keep growing, keep innovating, and keep creating music.

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