They Wanted to Keep a Confederate Monument Up. Hurricane Laura Ripped it Down

The Confederate monument, “The South’s Defenders” couldn’t defend itself from hurricane Laura. 

A couple of weeks ago in Calcasieu Parish a vote was held regarding the removal of the Confederate monument “The South’s Defenders.” It features a young soldier bearing a flag who stares wistfully into the distance, dreaming of an America where slavery is still kosher and the only people that can vote are white men. 

The statue was erected over 100 years ago to honor all of the confederate soldiers in Lake Charles and other towns in the south. Due to the recent racial justice movement spurred by George Floyd’s murder, and the resulting removal of numerous confederate statues, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury felt inspired to call a hearing on what to do with the monument. 

The answer they bravely came to was, “Nothing.” 

The decision process involved a seven-week public feedback period which generated 954 written comments. Officials said that 878 of those comments were against moving the statue elsewhere and 67 of the comments were for relocating the statue. The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury then voted 10-4 on August 13 to keep the statues on the grounds of the Lake Charles courthouse. 

This decision was met with rage and disappointment by the individuals who had called for the monument’s removal, including 2,161 people who signed an online petition for the memorial to be taken down. 

The decision was met with happiness from confederate glorifiers who remarked that, “This was the third time in the last 25 years that we have saved The South’s Defenders Memorial Monument from a truly unjust attack by radicals whose hidden agenda is to impose a far-left political tyranny on our area. Thank your Calcasieu police juror if he voted for keeping the monument. God Bless Our Southland.”

It seemed like the battle was over, but a storm was brewing that had other plans for the statues fate. 

That storm was Laura, one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit Louisiana. It barreled into Lake Charles on Thursday night with the strength of a Category 4. 

She did the work the police jury should have done, ripping “The South’s Defenders” of its pedestal, throwing it onto the grass below, and completely mangling it. 

While the statue falling was a bright spot in the storm for many residents of Lake Charles, the storm’s other effects were horrific, completely ravaging the area. 

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