Davante Lewis Joins Lynda Woolard in Campaign for Leadership of Louisiana Democratic Party

Baton Rouge – Today, Davante Lewis and Lynda Woolard announced a joint campaign to lead the Louisiana Democratic Party. Earlier this week, with excitement and support from every region in the state, Lynda Woolard announced her run for Chair. Davante Lewis, joins Lynda in her candidacy as her running mate seeking First Vice Chair.

Davante Lewis hails from Lake Charles and currently resides in Baton Rouge where he serves as a non profit policy advocate. Davante is a longtime political activist who has organized, run campaigns, and served on the Democratic State Central Committee and the state party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee. He has represented Louisiana as a delegate to the last three Democratic National Conventions. A former leader in Young Democrats and College Democrats, Davante brings a host of experiences and a generational shift to the party’s executive  leadership structure.

Lynda and Davante have known one another through Democratic politics since his days at McNeese State University. They share a common vision for building the party, and each comes to the job with a strong work ethic. Both understand how electing Democrats to office can improve the daily lives of Louisiana’s people. Even when they have supported opposing Democratic candidates, they have maintained a cordial and respectful relationship.

Together, Lynda Woolard and Davante Lewis are a powerful leadership team.

The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Executive Committee voted last night to reschedule their leadership elections. Elections will be held on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

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