Ways To Explore Your New Neighborhood

Ways To Explore Your New Neighborhood

You may be planning a move to New Orleans in the future, or you might change where you live within the city at some point. Once the COVID-19 situation has subsided and you have more freedom to move around outside, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with the area as much as you can. These are some ways to explore your new neighborhood that will get you involved in the community and make you more aware of the places and activities you can find there.

Look up Local Attractions

If you’re completely unacquainted with the area, you can search online for the interesting attractions that people go to when they visit. Find articles on popular tourist spots, and make your own bucket list. You can then spend your free days at these various places and gain a greater appreciation of your surroundings. Locations like the French Quarter might not be right in your neighborhood, but seeing them for yourself will definitely allow you to settle into the local culture.

Find Volunteering Opportunities

Serving your community can also be a great way to explore your new neighborhood. By volunteering, you won’t limit yourself to just the bright veneer of your area; you’ll also learn about some of the challenges that people living there face. You can talk with other volunteers and meet a wide range of people you might not normally interact with. Find opportunities to serve through established organizations, and you’ll get to help others around you while also growing more connected.

Chart Your Own Path

You can discover nearby restaurants, shops, parks, and other establishments with a nice walk or bike ride through your neighborhood. To prevent yourself from getting lost in this new environment, use online maps to chart a course that you’ll follow on your small journey. This is exploration in its purest form, allowing you to make impromptu discoveries without much of a plan outside of the route you’re taking. If you feel that you won’t get very far on foot or using a conventional bike, you can also use an electric bike. The advantage of an electric bicycle is that it lets you ride over longer distances without getting tired. Whatever way you choose to get around, make sure you give yourself time to take in all the sights so that you don’t miss anything along your path.

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