The Future is Clear: Psychics Answer All of Your COVID-19 Questions

Between the pandemic, recession, active hurricane season, and general chaos of the world (does anyone else remember the murder hornets?), 2020 has been a seemingly endless garbage fire. Can’t the universe here us crying “Uncle”? When will the chaos and misery finally sputter out? 

The uncertainty, specifically about the pandemic, is enough to drive anyone crazy. One day you might hear that an incredible new vaccine is set to be released in two months while the next day you might hear, oh jeez, our bad, that vaccine actually causes semi-autonomous boils to pop on everyone who takes it, but good news! The next vaccine is set to be released in 2035! 

Doesn’t it all make you wish you could just peer into a crystal ball and see the future? 

If so, your wish has been granted. 

No, I’m not giving you psychic skills, you’ll have to pay for a newspaper subscription for those, but rather something much better: the answers to all of your coronavirus-related questions from some of New Orleans’s top psychics, mediums, and astrologers. 

Meet Your Guides

Cari Roy

As one of New Orleans’s most recognized psychics and mediums, Cari Roy has worked with countless clients over 30+ years delivering insightful, meaningful predictions and advice. When asked about how her predictions manifest, Roy explained that, “It’s kind of like I hacked the cloud. Everything that ever is and ever was is somewhere in the ethos… I think the future is accessible as the past.” She can be contacted through her website, New Orleans Psychic

Dan Beck

Dan Beck is the most predominant astrologer in New Orleans, with an impressive list of international clientele and widespread praise for his work. He holds degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music and Yale University. He was drawn to astrology becomes it provides insight from the heavens into important moments, and he holds a “a philosophical viewpoint that there is a relationship between the cosmos and human beings.” He works for Inner Makeup Astrology

Elie Barnes 

With over 40 years of experience, a clientele list that includes thousands, and specialties in tarot, palm, psychism, mediumship, and beyond, Elie Barnes is one of the most respected psychics in New Orleans. She explained that, “I was born with visual psychism and auditory psychism… I see in my third eye. I hear people talking to me. And I have guides.” She reads exclusively for Hex Old World Witchery at 1219 Decatur Street . 

Question #1: What Will Happen with COVID-19 Over the Next Year? 


With apparent optimism in her voice, Cari broke down her prediction for the new year. “I believe this is a process. We are kind of doing a one step forward two steps back thing… My feel is that around the fall something is going to happen that will restore some confidence. And then at the beginning of the next year we should always be looking forward to moving forward into 2021 and getting things done. There is good news in the fall and then we go into the new year stronger but I don’t really feel like we are going to be able to let down our guard until at least Spring 2021.” 


Reflecting on the current and recent state of the cosmos Dan mused, “Saturn and Pluto met at the beginning of the year. Pluto is the sign of massive cataclysmic change… Saturn is the sign of limitations and restrictions. Because of this, the concept for 2020 is really massive change but also massive restriction.” 

The effects of this planetary meeting have carried on throughout the year and probably will until the next big planetary meeting at the beginning of 2021, the Grand Conjunction. 

Question #2: What Will Happen to New Orleans? 


Feeling optimistic, Dan explained, “The good news is that towards the end of the year we have what’s called the Grand Conjunction. If we look up at the sky at the end of the year Saturn and Jupiter will be exactly at the same degree… generally throughout the ages when Saturn and Jupiter meet together it heralds a new era and that starts a cycle of, really, the next couple of decades.” 

This event is fairly unique, and apparently “astrologers have been talking about 2020, especially the Saturn Pluto Conjunction, and then the Grand Conjunction at the end of the year for a while…With the new era I wouldn’t be surprised if you see New Orleans coming into public recognition in a big way.” 


Using her cards as a guide, Elie predicted, “Really big real estate changes are going to happen, businesses are going to close, industry is going to have a rough time… through the rest of the year our tactics have worked, but we are doing them less and less… Coronavirus comes back in waves and hits us hard one more time by the end of the year.” 

However, after we endure one more big hit from COVID, “In 2021 we are in a strong position. We are fighting things off. We actually have a lot of tourist coming in and we are getting back on our feet.” 

Question #3: What Will Happen to New Orleans in the Far Future? 


In 2022 New Orleans will “get lots of attention, we get written about a lot, we stay on the national radar.” 

However, even in 2023, the pandemic remains. Elie explained, “I would still say 3 years from now there is still some coronavirus… probably in areas that don’t have access to the vaccine.” 

Her and the other psychics, “All agreed that they saw coronavirus as a 3 year problems, and that was from March when we first closed down. We agreed that certain pockets would take a really big hit while other people would be thriving but consistently month by month and year by year things made a steady increase without a lot of giant disruption, after December. The rest of 2020 has some pretty strong problems.” 


Dan on the other hand had some hesitancy in his voice when discussing the future of the city. He clarified, “I don’t really want to get into dire predictions because that puts a kernel into the mind of someone.” However, “there’s this Saturn transit. I’m worried about Summer 2022. You know the main thing is really getting our systems together.”

Question #5: How Has Your Business Been Affected by COVID? 


Despite the pandemic and recession, Cari remarked that, “The calls are coming in fast and furious… In times of uncertainty people seek answers and that’s what I’m here to do.” 

Cari started accepting in-person clients again on June 1. On safety, she remarked, “I have an air filter. I provide plastic masks. Fortunately, I work in an office where we can sit 6 feet apart.” 

When asked if these in any way hindered her abilities she said, “No” and that she’s “actually benefitted from the quiet” the pandemic has provided. 


Elie is also sitting in a good place despite the pandemic and recession because her shop “already had a good online presence” which they have continued to build on since COVID struck. 

Because she has a long list of clientele, and was already doing about 50% of her readings on the phone, she was well situated. 

Not every psychic was that lucky, she explained, “my understanding from other psychics and other shops is that when foot traffic died so did their business.” 

Question #6: What Trends Have You Noticed in Readings? 


Obviously there has been lots of questions about health. All through March and April that was the number one concern of people. 

However, another interesting trend also developed. 

Elie explained that, “I just talked to some psychics over the weekend. We had our first little gathering in months. Everyone is comparing notes and saying coronavirus has brought people to this precipice of, my life is being forcibly changed why don’t I take the time now to change jobs or change mates or change locations. If I didn’t like what I was doing or who I was with in the first place this is the time to make change. I’ve done a lot of readings on people making pretty drastic changes in their life.” 

Question #7: What’s Your Advice for New Orleans? 


Considering what she knows about New Orleans and the future, Cari reflected that “We are not solitary creatures in New Orleans… we’ve always been an individualist place and that’s to our detriment now. We now need to get together and march to the same beat.” 

In other words, we need to all get on board with social distancing, wearing masks, and taking precautions to ensure that our city rebounds and its future is bright.

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