5 Things that Must Happen if The New Orleans Saints are Going to Continue Winning

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Saints Vs. Buccaneers Week One Of NFL

Ahead of the first game of the season, many were unsure whether the Saints would succeed in their first game of the NFL season. Especially as legendary Quarterback Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this year. 

But in the first week of the NFL, the Saints are off to a promising start. As you may already know, the Saints beat the Buccaneers on the 13th of September!

Last Seasons Performance

The New Orleans Saints entered their 53rd season in 2019. Overall, they won 13 games; 6 of these games were won on home turf, while the other seven were succeeded away. 

Among the NFC South division, the Saints maintained its position as the best team. The buccaneers and the falcons, for instance, won just seven games. At the same time, the Panthers ended the season with five wins. While the Saint’s performance in their division is excellent, they failed to pull through the NFL wildcard tournament.

Last season, the Saints lost one of their most significant players, their QB Drew Brees. His absence continues from week three to seven. However, Tom Bridgewater filled Drew’s sneakers well. Taking his spot as the quarterback, the team managed to secure 5-0 while Drew was away tending to his thumb’s injury. 

While the Saints put on a good performance and bounced back from multiple setbacks, their season finished after losing to the Vikings 26-20 in the wild card round playoffs.

Super Bowl XLIV

The Saints last and only Superbowl victory was ten years ago, led by Quarterback Drew Brees. At the Super Bowl XLIV, the Saints achieved a 31-17 win against the Indianapolis Colts. 

With week one of NFL in motion, viewers, and supporters are wondering whether the team can make it to the finals. Of course, there have been a few changes that have affected the team’s usual training routine. 

In respect of the Saints performance last season, here are five areas the team could benefit from enhancing to ensure they continue to hit the ground running this year and make their way to the finals! 

5 Areas The New Orleans Saints Need to Get Right This Season

With the Saints fast approaching their next game against the AFC Raiders, fans confident they’ll succeed are using this page on sports betting sites in Pennsylvania to place wagers on the New Orleans Saints result. However, for those on the fence about who is likely to win their upcoming game or the Superbowl as a whole. The below covers a few of the areas that the Saints need to improve to maintain their winning streak. Having insight into the team’s history and expected performance can help gamblers make an informed decision on the upcoming competitions

1. Players

With Drew Brees back on board, the season looks hopeful for the Saints. However, on through this season, it’s essential that Quarterback Drew has enough energy and fight in him to extend across the entire season. Players running out of steam during the season or resting on their previous game’s success can sometimes push players to take their foot off the pedal. But to get through the playoffs, more needs to be done to be considered worthy of joining the high caliber teams in the finals. 

Of course, adding new players to the stretch is sure to help the New Orleans Saints performance. With reliable players such as Emmanuel Sanders, WR, on side, the Saints may have a winning shot at the Super Bowl.

2. Pandemic Concerns

Although COVID provided problems for teams who needed to break in new players, such as the Buccaneers bringing on board Tom Brady as QB. The Saints team has maintained most of its players that are experienced working with one another. Therefore, the Saints most overcome their usual lack of practice together earlier this year. A lack of confidence in players’ ability or the team can be damaging during the season. But as Sean Payton rightly claimed, one of the Saint’s strengths is their ability to adapt. Sean Peyton clarified they are resilient to challenges, which was evident during the 2011 lockout. 

3. Injury Precautions

The last season showed the New Orleans Saints always have a few players that are susceptible to injuries. Meaning new players are brought in off the bench, which can jeopardize the team’s continuity while playing. 

For instance, Andrus Peat, Terron Armstead, and other linebackers missed a few games. Therefore, precautions should be made ahead of future games this season to prevent injuries, such as better passing techniques. Plus, those second in line to fill the original linebackers spot when needed should be warmed up and ready to jump in during the season. 

4. Coach Payton

Coach Sean Payton battled through the coronavirus earlier this year; fortunately, he didn’t suffer any respiratory issues and made a complete recovery. During his time off sick, news of Drew Brees resigning to the Saints for the next two years most likely helped to lift his spirits. However, COVID posed other issues that couldn’t be ignored. Such as a lack of time for him to train and direct the team together could pose problems for the games ahead.

Sean Payton is highly regarded as one of the most successful coaches in NFL history. However, to move the Saints up to and beyond the playoffs, pep talks, team building, and training regimes will need to be stepped up.  

5. Set Plays

An essential aspect of any football game is set plays. Here teams can activate a head start above the opposing team. On the other side, defenders need to be ready by preparing through rigorous training. To prevent the opponents from taking full advantage of a set play, having players who specialize in set plays in the Saints team will undoubtedly help them make this NFL season one of their best yet.

The Saints have had a great start in the first week. With a victory against the Buccaneers and QB Tom Brady. This should give the Saints a much-needed ego boost to continue making waves throughout the games. However, as with any team, there’s always room for improvement. And this season, it’s essential for the Saints to make it their mission of getting past playoffs – if they do, they’ll be victorious in their own right. 


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