5 Ways Your Life Can Change if You Face Criminal Charges

In this country, we assume that a person is innocent until the system proves them guilty. However, if you face criminal prosecution, there are several ways your life can immediately change. You’ll likely find this distressing, but it’s reality.

You should certainly find yourself a good lawyer if serious charges hang over you, but you must also be ready for some potentially upsetting scenarios you’ll likely have to face. Here are just a few of them.

Your Job Might Fire You

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s easy for your employer to find out about them. If it’s a higher profile crime, it’s probably going to be on the news. Also, if you’re in jail for a while before you can get out on bail, your job might find out about it that way.

Perhaps you face charges like:

  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Homicide

Any of these are very serious, and your boss might decide to fire you before the trial even begins. Unfortunately, that’s their prerogative. If you prove your innocence, you may be able to get your job back, but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

You Might Not Be Able to Find Another Job Easily

Following your job firing you, you also might not be able to locate another position very easily, particularly in the same profession. That’s because:

  • Word will get around about what’s happening with you
  • You’ll develop a bad reputation

If you’re found innocent of the charges, that’s certainly helpful. Still, if you’re interviewing for a job in your profession at a new company, they might not want someone with your baggage, even if a jury found you innocent. It’s unfair, but again, that’s the way the world works sometimes. Fortunately, with the new expungement law in place, sealing such records has become much easier. 

You Might Lose Some Friends

You also could lose some friends if there are heinous charges hanging over you. If the court system accuses you of something like murder, criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, etc., there’s no guarantee that your friends will stick by you.

In a way, this will establish who your real friends are. There might be some who stick up for you and speak out strongly against the charges, saying that you couldn’t possibly have done the act or acts of which you stand accused. This might force your friend circle to take sides with you or against you.

This could also happen with coworkers and family members. It’s this sort of thing that can cause rifts. In short order, you can probably tell who you can count on to stick with you during this difficult time, and who’s going to drift away.

You Might Have to Deal with Depression

It’s also easy to feel depressed if you have an accusation and prosecution hanging over you. It’s like a dark cloud. Until it’s gone, you’ll pay a heavy psychological toll.

You may feel anxious like the world is out to get you. You might have to seek professional help. If you already see a therapist, that’s helpful.

With them, you can work on some of the feelings you have. They can help you stay mentally healthy as you fight through this challenging time. Sometimes, you need someone impartial to tell you that brighter times are around the corner.

You May Have to Spend Money for Your Defense

Everyone has a right to defend themselves when the legal system accuses them of a crime. You do have the right to hire an attorney, and if you don’t have any money, the court system will provide you one without charge.

However, they’ll give you a public defender that they randomly assign to you. You have no way to tell how good this individual is or how invested they are in your case.

To ensure that you have the best defense, you’ll have to hire a lawyer you pick. If you do that, then you must pay them, and the best defense lawyers don’t come cheap.

Because of this, win or lose, you may find your pockets significantly lighter when this is all over. This is another part of the whole situation that you might feel is unfair, but it’s the way the justice system works.

If you did not commit the crimes the court system accused you of, the trial should reveal the truth. You’ll get off, and then you can return to your life.

This might be the most difficult thing you’ve ever faced in your life, but if you’re mentally tough, you can persevere.

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