5 Tips For Buying Safe Toys

Toys are a crucial part of childhood. They keep children engaged and entertained while also helping with their physical and mental development. But are all kinds of toys safe for your child? Probably not. Toys can present potential hazards to a child’s life and well-being, if not of the right kind. Here are a few things to consider while you shop for toys for your children:

1. Go for age-appropriate toys

From infants to teenagers, companies make toys for all age groups. Not each one of them is safe for younger children. Don’t get carried away with those vibrant colours and catchy designs right away. There are various benefits of selecting toys according to age group. Firstly your kid enjoys it to the fullest, and secondly, it is the safest for him or her.

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2. Be cautious about its physical structure

  •       Toy size matters: When too small, they come with the risk of choking your baby. When too large, your child has difficulty playing with them.
  •       Stay away from removable parts: Toys that need to be assembled and come with smaller parts have the potential to choke your child to death. They are too small to be called safe since children are curious and put anything in their mouths.
  •       Think twice on heavy toys: Beware as it could fall on your child and hurt him or her.
  •       Avoid strings and wires: Long strings, ribbons, wires can strangulate your baby while playing. This happens when the strings get tangled and tightly wrapped around the neck or even other body parts. If you notice some threads or ribbons hanging, cut them off beforehand.
  •       Say No to sharp edges: This goes without saying. Sharp items or broken and chipped edges may effortlessly injure your baby’s soft and delicate skin.
  •       Toxic materials alert: Toys made of poor quality plastic, paints, rubber can be dangerous for your child. They may contain inflammable substances or toxic heavy metals like lead that can lead to poisoning. Reading labels is thus essential.
  •       Invest in sturdy toys: Kids tend to throw toys, chew on them and bang them around. If the toys have a poor build, they may break in the process. This may lead to the creation of tiny fragments and raw sharp edges, both of which are not desirable for your baby.

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3. Electric toys can be dangerous too

You wouldn’t even want to imagine what could happen if your child puts electric toys into his mouth, or if the wires lay exposed due to damage. So stay away from chargeable and battery-operated toys. Also, electric toys tend to emit a lot of noise. Children have a sensitive hearing apparatus and a weak eardrum. So, toys having sounds like sirens or songs shouldn’t be around your children.

4. Don’t buy second-hand toys

While they may be cheap, they have been through a lot before. They may break and choke your child. Do not forget the significant amount of germs in the old piece. Buy affordable toys from Razor instead.

5. Make sure they are washable

Children are highly susceptible to infections. What’s more, they put everything inside their mouths. Be it plastic or soft toys, they need to be washed from time to time.

 Better be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. You need to be vigilant and alert about everything that you hand your baby. Toys are an inevitable part of one’s childhood, but accidents are not uncommon.

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