The Perfect Snacks for Football on Sunday

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire

Do you have the best grub for the football game this weekend? If you are anything like almost every red-blooded Saints fan in New Orleans this Sunday, you will be watching Drew Brees lead his team to a Week 4 victory over the Lions at Denver’s Ford Field. It will be their 2nd NFC North opponent and the first time they travel to Motown since 2014. It’s also the 1st meeting between head coaches Sean Payton and Matt Patricia, as well as the 8th game between Brees and QB Matthew Stafford. But social distancing means most of us football fans will be enjoying the match-up from home. At least we can rely on the right treats, from vegan CBD Gummies to ol’ fashioned brewskis, to satisfy our appetites for the big game. 

1. CBD Gummies

To top it off, a buyer gets to choose between delicious flavors, such as Dragon Fruit, Exotic Fruit, Mixed Berries, Mixed Fruit and Strawberry Champagne Vegan Gummies. The delicious treats come in 300mg packages for under $20 each. Too bad there are no pizza or beer specials that can beat the top CBD edibles on the market. Meanwhile, the powerful CBD helps men and women to manage daily stressors. So the next time the Saints suffer an unfair call, a potent CBD product can help you keep your cool. Growing more and more popular by the day, protein-rich CBD vegan gummies are known to satisfy an individual’s sweet tooth. 

2. Pizza

Even before folks had to stay indoors, gamedays have historically been huge for ordering pizza. It is estimated that 13 million pies were sold on the last Super Bowl Sunday. So what is the big connection? For starters, they both depend on cows. Yup, it takes billions of gallons of milk to make all that cheese, while footballs are created from cow leather, despite being labeled as “pigskin.” Like with CBD Gummies for sale, pizza buyers get to choose from a large variety of options. Do you prefer plain cheese or Hawaiian style with ham, pineapple and bacon or an unusual Chicken Fajita pizza like the ones they sell at Speedo Pizza? Should you purchase a thick pie or a thin one? Why not find a good coupon and try one of each for the game?

3. Chicken Wings

As good as CBD edibles and pizza tastes, chicken wings also go hand in hand with watching football on TV.  Sure, you may get messy sauce all over your clothes and the spice may set your mouth on fire, but isn’t that part of the fun of the whole thing?! And even if you’re on a strict diet, there’ll be a sauce out there for you. For example, if you are following a keto plan, you could check out this review here of a sauce that fits with your diet so you won’t have to miss out on this iconic part of game day. Roughly 1.4 billion chicken wings were consumed over the last Super Bowl weekend in February 2020. If every one of those 1.4 billion wings counted as a second, it would equal approximately 45 years. If that’s not a staggering football stat, what is?

4. Beer

Watching football and drinking brew is often inseparable. So whether it’s at a local restaurant with required masks or on your living room couch, football fans like to drink beer, and a lot of it. Maybe it’s imported on tap or perhaps it’s a 6-pack of domestic ale. Studies show that most drinking takes place 2 hours before kickoff and continues for hours at a time. They play quarters, beer darts and attempt sloppy keg stands. Americans love being entertained by multi-million dollar beer commercials. Will there be a cute dog in the next one or just singing frogs? Maybe they might even start showing beer commercials where they buy biltong and enjoy it the way the traditionalists do. Whatever the next ad shows, let’s hope it’s not too far fetched.

From the best CBD Gummies to spicy wings and domestic alcohol, the right tricks can always make a televised game of pigskin a bit more amusing. 

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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