Abolish State Violence Against Women, Folks & Families Rally and March

The New Orleans Workers Group in solidarity with Reproductive Justice Action Collective, Women With A Vision, the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Familias Unidas in Accion, New Orleans People’s Assembly and Louisiana Movement for Workers Councils calls on all people of conscience to demand an end to the medical experimentation and forced sterilization of women, folks and families in U.S. ICE concentration camps. We cannot stand by as Republicans and Democrats alike attempt to minimize or conceal the atrocities occurring in so-called “detention” centers, jails, and prisons across the country. 

Migrants are workers just like us and we need to demand their release, family reunification, and full labor and political rights. They are targeted as scapegoats so workers with papers will not recognize that the capitalist class is the real enemy. 

By fighting back we can end the torturous cruelty inflicted on migrant women, folks and families in the name of capitalist profits, just as we can end the police terror that took the lives of Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland. We are clear that it is only through struggle that we can win, not by relying on the moral compass of the Supreme Court, or any politician in office. We can and we must close all concentration camps including U.S. prisons and jails. None of us are free until all of us are free! End the capitalist war on women! End our impoverishment! Working of all backgrounds women unite! Free Them All!

When: Friday, October 2 @ 2:30 PM 

Where: ICE office on 1250 Poydras 

Who: Worker’s Group Contact: 504-517-4052 

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