Enhance Your Taste: 4 Best Homemade Sauce Recipes

Create your sauce, take a dip, eat, and do it all over again. That’s how it should always be when it comes to your favorite sauces. Nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of creating sauces in the comfort of your home. Expensive and branded sauces found in stores would cost more than you initially planned.

If you’re an avid fan of sauces, you would know that the right sauce for a meal or snack can brighten up the flavors even further. Fortunately, anyone can make sauces at their home with ingredients you can get in any store. More importantly, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on expensive and branded sauces and end up using a portion of it once a week or so.

The Classic Mornay Sauce

The mornay sauce is a classic sauce that originated from France. It’s a harmonious combination of gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce, and parmesan cheese. The classic mornay sauce is the perfect dip that can complement dishes such as baked chicken, seafood, and steamed vegetables. Fortunately, It’s easy to learn to make your own mornay sauce.

For a single serving, the ingredients needed to make a mornay sauce are quite straightforward. All you need is some flour, milk, white pepper, butter, salt, and cheese. Don’t be deceived because it’s a French recipe, and it’s a bit fancy and harder to make for your level of experience.

Nevertheless, the classic mornay sauce is one of those sauce recipes that couldn’t get any simpler to make. All you have to remember is always to keep a keen eye on the sauce while making it, and you have to make sure that it won’t get overcooked. Apart from that, you can then feast your eyes and appetite on the velvety and creamy goodness in only 15 minutes.

Chili-Garlic Sauce

If you’re an avid lover of sauces, you’ve probably heard of chili-garlic sauces. As a typical person would walk through a grocery store, there’s a massive chance that there aren’t any chili-garlic sauces available. Unless you’re in a ‘specialty’ store, your chances of locating an excellent chili-garlic sauce are relatively slim.

Not to be confused with a famous chili sauce called Sriracha, chili-garlic sauces are unfermented and freshly made, and it’s not meant to be a mere condiment, but to be cooked, or for either purpose. The recipe to make the chili-garlic sauce is simple as it only uses four ingredients: garlic, vinegar, sugar, and chili peppers.

On a more critical note, it’s essential to remember only to use chili peppers that are only available to you and are also the freshest ones. However, making the chili-garlic sauce is possible with frozen chili, ensure that it’s completely defrosted and dried with paper towels before proceeding.

Chinese Black Bean Sauce

The black bean sauce is a flavorsome sauce that uses peanuts, rice wine, and black beans. With only ten minutes, anyone can make this sauce with a few simple steps and ingredients and finally use it as either a topping or dip that compliments various oriental dishes.

Moreover, the black bean sauce holds the most astounding secret ever as to why some of the best Chinese food on the planet tastes unworldly. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to create a Chinese black bean sauce at your home. The main ingredient is douchi or fermented black beans, and it’s often paired with other strong ingredients such as chilies or garlic.


Homemade applesauce is one of those condiments that would make you wonder, after creating a batch or two, why don’t people make it more often? Applesauce is genuinely one of the easiest and most delicious condiments to make from scratch. It can even be a perfect treat or snack for your family, friends, kids, and guests.

The ingredients you’ll need are apples, apple juice, lemon, half a cup of brown sugar, and a little cinnamon. First, you’ll need to cut the apples into small dice, then put in a frying pan along with a cup of apple juice. The next step would be to squeeze the juice out of a lemon and pour in half a cup of brown sugar, but you can use regular sugar if it’s unavailable.

After putting all of the pan’s ingredients, stir the apples slowly over medium to high heat and cover it for about 25 minutes or so. Afterward, the apples would become partially broken up, and it starts to become soft. To have the finished product, just put all of the components in a blender, and feast your taste buds with the tastiest applesauce ever.


There you have it! The four best homemade sauce recipes that you can easily make in the comfort of your home. Stop waiting and go and get your chef’s cap and apron, and make some of the most delicious sauces at home without spending a fortune and saving yourself from the hassle of going to a grocery store.

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