Important Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Moving Van or Truck

Lots of reasons justify why you should always hire a van or a moving truck. One of the biggest reasons for hiring a moving truck or Van is the unavailability of the large vehicles at common homes. No matter what is the reason behind that why you have hired a van or a moving truck but make sure you consult with the right moving truck or van company and hire the most suitable vehicle. Preferably, you must pick one from the when you choose to get a rental truck. 

To ensure you get the best service or rental truck for your move, you need to be very attentive. There is a wide list of questions that are available that you should ask while hiring a large vehicle. Have a look at these questions. 

How often do you keep the large vehicles serviced and well maintained?

Make sure the vehicle is safe to drive therefore knowing about the maintenance and services of the vehicle is very important. Apart from that, you should also know the time when you are renting a vehicle like a van. You should also know the year and model of the vehicle. Also, check the condition of the vehicle. 

How do you give an estimate and tell the estimated cost of vehicle rental?

Knowing the estimated cost before hiring the rental vehicle is essential so that you can remain within budget later. You should always ask about the cost while hiring a van or a moving truck. But to give you a quote, a moving company checks the different factors such as the distance to travel, the time for which you want to get the truck for rental, and the size of the truck you choose to get. The quote should also include charges such as insurance cost, fuel cost, moving supplies cost, and the cost for the add-on accessories. Make sure you don’t forget to ask about the hidden costs while making a deal with a company. At, for instance, you will find the dedicated team you need. Aware of your concerns, they will keep things clear from the very beginning

Are there any additional fees?

Apart from asking for the cost of truck rental, don’t forget to ask the additional fees. Some companies charge extra for awkward items and other things such as insurance. So, make sure you clear the deal about any kind of hidden charges. 

Can I add another driver?

If it is a long-distance trip and it is not possible to drive the truck by yourself then you should ask them whether you can add another driver to your policy or not. Many people assume that anyone can drive the rented truck but this is one of the biggest misconceptions they have. Therefore, make sure that you get permission from the moving company for adding another driver who can drive the rented truck. You might have to pay an extra fee for it to get permission. 

Do you offer insurances?

Don’t forget the questions about insurance. Most of the moving companies who provide truck on rental provide any kind of insurance. Usually, the cost of insurance is based on the weight and the value of the goods. 

How do you handle claims and complaints?

Ask the moving company about how they handle the claims and complaints made against them. If you see that the company has almost all the satisfactory clients then there are higher chances that you will also get the satisfactory services while on the other hand, if a company does not pay any attention to the claims and complaints done by the clients then you should look for another truck rental company so that in future you would not have any regrets. 

What happens if I am not able to deliver the truck on the right date?

The rental policy sets a specific date and time when you have to return the truck or the van. But if certain things make you not deliver the vehicle on time then what will happen. Sometimes, rental companies charge based on hours while sometimes, rental companies hire based on the duration, therefore you might have to pay an extra fee if you get late according to the hired services. While some companies also provide you a little flexibility so if you get late a little bit then you don’t have to pay any charges for it. So, make sure you clear it before you hire the vehicle. 

If you drive the vehicle more miles than the decided miles for which you have paid the cost then again you should be ready to pay extra for those extra miles but make sure you ask before that how much you have to pay per mile if you exceed the limit. 

Do you have any referrals and recommendations?

Most of the reputable companies have a long list of happy clients and they would not have any hesitation in letting you know about their happy clients. Having a company with great recommendations increases the chances of having legitimate and factual services. One great company to check out is

These are the several questions that you should ask a truck rental company so that you can have a smoother move and you would not have any regrets later. When moving internationally, you must stay prepared and shouldn’t leave any stone unturned in the preparation. Ensuring that you engage the best truck rental company is your foolproof way to move with ease.

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