3 Easy Ways To Start Making Money From Your Own Backyard

3 Easy Ways To Start Making Money From Your Own Backyard

Who doesn’t want a little extra income? If you own a large property—especially in a place as beautiful and bustling as New Orleans—you have the opportunity to make some cash on the side. If you have a green thumb to show off, a scenic space for a rental property, or even just the free time to try something new, these side hustles could be perfect for your yard space. Pick up a new hobby and reap the benefits with these easy ways to start making money from your own backyard.

Start a Rental Property

Websites like Airbnb have contributed to the rise of small, convenient, and family-owned rental properties across the country. Turning your backyard space into a cozy vacation spot is simpler than ever. If you have a beautiful view or a convenient location close to the city and popular tourist attractions, you can create a backyard space for travelers from all around the world. Plus, with COVID-19 changing a lot of travel plans, many vacationers are looking for smaller, more private lodging where they don’t have to share a space or interact with a lot of people. This makes a nice backyard cabin or tiny home perfect options for safe traveling. If you don’t have the physical lodging but are still interested in renting, you can also open your yard to campers, RVers, and other travelers who just need a place to set up camp.

Start a Flock

When looking for ways to start making money from your own backyard, many people turn to hobby farming and raising livestock. Not everyone has the space, resources, or commitment levels to take on a full-fledged farm, but starting with something small—like a couple of chickens—is relatively easy. Hens have fun personalities and can provide hours of entertainment for you and your family. They also provide many different opportunities to make money, including selling eggs or collecting feathers to use in crafting.

Get Creative With the Garden Space

Do you enjoy spending time in the garden? There are endless ways to make money from gardening. Sell your extra fruits and vegetables at your local farmers’ market. You can even directly target customers by sending out marketing mailers in colorful envelopes, people love to buy organic produce directly from farmers. Alternatively, collect seeds and propagations to sell to fellow gardeners. If you want something more exciting than your average vegetable garden, consider learning how to plant lavender, flowers or trees that you can grow an abundance of and sell, or maybe you could rent your yard space to eager gardeners in your community. Or, open up a home salon in your backyard and make a serious business out of that!

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