How to Pick the Right Mattress For a Child

It’s a pretty big step; getting your child a new bed. Those buzzing little brains need the best sleep they can get. Plus, you work hard for your money so you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your little one is sleeping on cloud nine. After all, nobody needs more sleep than our kids and nobody matters more.

Of course some of the requirements are the same. Just as you would need a certain level of support or comfort for your own mattress; the same applies to your child. 

Although it’s an important decision, it’s more important not to panic. Finding the best mattress for a child doesn’t have to be complicated. The only major difference is the fact that kids grow up really fast. So how do you go about picking the right mattress for them? 

Warranty Worries

To squeeze a good five years out of a mattress; you need to make sure you can return it after a while if it isn’t a good fit. To ensure that, you need to compare warranties. 

Remember this is business; some mattress brands are looking to outshine others in certain areas so you have to check out the T’s and C’s. This is a long-term investment and with some warranties going up to a decade, you might as well as exploit the diversity in the industry.

What’s it Made Of?

This is serious stuff. The material that the mattress is made from and how it is made can mean the difference between health and sickness for your child. If the fibers are synthetic or dangerous chemicals were used in production, you risk your child having issues with breathing and skin itchiness; it might even cause an allergic reaction. 

Stay on the safe side by going for more natural materials. The more certifications the manufacturers have and the higher the accreditation, the better. This tells you that regulatory bodies with objective standards approve of the mattress. Be careful of toxic glues and plastics, not only are they bad for our bodies, they’re just not environmentally sustainable.

Sizing Up

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, it’s important that the mattress you pick fits into the bed you’ve probably set up at home. If your toddler has been sleeping in a crib all along and this is the inaugural bed, don’t make the mistake of picking a mattress bigger or smaller than the thing you’re going to put it on. Twin size should go with twin size, a king with a king size and so on. Check this mattress dimensions guide here to find out more.

Not only should the size of the mattress correspond to that of the bed, it should also be big enough to not only suit your child’s body, but to accommodate growth as well.  A teenager might need a full or queen size bed long enough and wide enough to contain rapid growth spurred on by hormones. 

Such a size will mean never having to worry about being too big for the bed anymore. For a crib-graduate on the other hand; a twin-size will do the job. 

Structure, Structure, Structure

As a fully-grown adult, you know it’s important to take care of your back. Don’t underestimate your child’s need for good back support. They’re way more active than you and as a result, they need optimal support. 

Be that as it may, maintaining a balance is the key here. Don’t compromise your child’s comfort-ability for the sake of support. Remember, we’re talking ten or more hours sleep here; all spent in a single space.  

Consider the issue of temperature. Your child might not necessarily be a ‘hot sleeper’ but you have to consider the heat and cold, as this will literally affect how your child will grow.

Knowing something as simple as the fact that memory foam stores heat from our bodies can save you a lot of trouble. The room might be cool for now, allowing for memory foam to excel but think about what happens in the warmer seasons.  

Make It Memorable

As a parent, you undoubtedly have the final say on the type of mattress you choose for your child. But, you should involve them in the buying process because this is their bed after all. They’re the ones who’re going to sleep on it and this a big moment in their lives. 

So, go to the mattress store, test the mattress out together and work as a team to narrow down your options. Eve if you’re shopping online, you can view mattress reviews together, look at the pictures and ask your child for her opinion on each option. 

Good Night

It’s that simple! There’s no need to become a mattress engineer or chiropractor. Taking into account the things we’ve mentioned here is enough to make the perfect match. Each little sleeper has their own unique needs, identify these, couple that with what you’ve learnt here and you’ll never hear your super sleeper complain about nightmares again!

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