How to Write a Good Movie Review    

Film reviews are something that we encounter not only in everyday life after watching an interesting thriller or melodrama, but also something that is often required of us at universities. It would seem that writing a review of a film is easy, but you can face some difficulties when you know that your review will be graded. Here you need to follow a certain structure and write it in such a way as to entice your professor. We absolutely understand this situation and therefore decided to help you and put together a clear guideline on how to write a film review.

1. Decide on the Movie

It would seem an obvious fact that in order to write a film review you need to choose a suitable film, but students often neglect this. This is why you need to choose a movie that you are really interested in discussing. Decide whether you want to recommend or criticize the film. Very often, it is extremely interesting to read a review of a film that you did not like. If you have doubts about whether you can write a good review, then you might be better off seeking help from the paper writing service

2. Write a Plan

Writing a plan is one of the most important points in film review writing. You should write an outline for your essay point by point, and then it will be much easier for you. List at least three main ideas that you want to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion. This approach will save you time and hassle.

3. Describe the Director’s Work

Very often, when writing a review, they devote a lot of time to the acting and the plot, but they completely forget about the director’s work and the technical part of the film. Describe shooting angles, soundtracks, special effects, and more. Perhaps the essence of the film is revealed precisely in how it was shot. Moreover, such a review will be atypical and it will be really interesting for your professor to read it.

4. Don’t Forget to Express your Own Opinion

The review focuses on how you expressed your personal opinion about the film. Tell us in detail what you liked, what you did not like, why the film seemed boring, too long or, on the contrary, too fast developing.

5. Describe the Main Character and Antagonist

The antagonist and protagonist are key figures in the film. That is why you need to describe in sufficient detail how the character was revealed during the film and whether you believe that he/she was fully revealed before the end of the film. Perhaps the main characters had some interesting character traits, describe that. In addition, you can talk about how the director wanted to show this or that character.

Sometimes, it will not be superfluous to describe the secondary characters, as they can have a serious impact on the formation of the personality of the protagonist or antagonist. You can analyze the actions of this or that character through the prism of psychology or philosophy, which will also be quite interesting.

6. Analyze the Title

Every film begins with a title, which in the process of viewing you somehow interpret it, guess it. The title of a good film is always ambiguous, it is a kind of symbol, a metaphor.

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Significant Things to Remember When Writing a Review:

A nitty-gritty retelling diminishes the grade of the review: first, it won’t be intriguing to watch the film; also, one of the criteria for a frail survey is properly considered as the replacement of the film’s analysis and interpretation by its retelling.

Composition analysis can give a lot for understanding and interpreting the movie. Reflections on what kind of directorial techniques (close-ups, circular construction, etc.) are used in the work, will help the reviewer to penetrate the author’s intention. What parts can the film be divided into? How are they located? By answering these questions, you will write a wonderful review.

It is important to evaluate the style, originality of the director’s work, to disassemble the images, artistic techniques that he/she uses in his/her work, and to think about what his/her individual, unique style is, how this director differs from others. 

Summing up

Writing a movie review should not scare you. A review involves not only a subjective review but also a description and critical analysis of the work, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, comparing the work under review with other works of the writer or examples of the genre. Once you figure out how to write it, it will not seem like a problem anymore. That is why we strongly recommend that you heed our advice and start writing amazing reviews. Without a doubt, you will succeed, we believe in you!

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