The Best Parking Apps That Save You Time and Money

The Best Parking Apps That Save You Time and Money
If you’ve ever driven in the city, to a crowded event, or through a densely populated shopping center, you know the struggle of searching for parking. Luckily, parking apps are here to save the day for drivers who don’t have the time to circle the lot over and over or the money to pay the high prices of parking garages.

Here are a few of the best parking apps that save you time and money.


Parker is one of the best apps to find parking spots, prices, and hours for roughly 24,000 garages, lots, and street spaces.

The app lets you filter parking spots by space and payment type. With built-in GPS navigation, Parker can even guide you to the nearest open space, so you will never have to circle the city again. The app will also run a timer to help you avoid any parking tickets.


ParkWhiz has tons of discounts to save you money if you book for the month or the season ahead of time. It is available in over 300 cities and allows you to filter your parking options by parking type, whether you are looking for a spot at a specific venue, lot, or garage.


For those looking for the safety of parking garages, try out SpotHero. SpotHero lets you compare the cost of spots and provides plenty of discounts. They do this by buying up unsold spots in monthly lots and garages at a discounted rate so that they can pass some of those savings on to you.


ParkMobile makes finding a parking sport quick and easy. You will get text alerts when your parking is about to expire and see a map view showing where nearby parking is available. With ParkMobile, you can find parking all over, even outside of big cities, and their budgeting tool allows you to control your parking expenses.


Electric cars have many environmental benefits, but it can be a pain to find a parking spot where you can recharge. ChargeHub uses a real-time map to provide users with information on every charging station in the area, and it allows you to filter your search by the specific charge type you need.

From street parking, parking garages, and electric charging spots, these are some of the best parking apps that save you time and money.

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