Effortless Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Effortless Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

With an influx of people working from home and staying in, you may have noticed a similar rise in waste production. Newly formed habits, such as online shopping or eating more takeout, can contribute to this increase. If you want to practice more eco-friendly behaviors, explore a variety of ways to reduce waste at home. Here are some simple adjustments to make if you want to decrease your carbon footprint.


Adopt the FIFO approach with groceries. “First in, first out” organizing will ensure that older items in your fridge or pantry are prioritized and used first by placing them in front of new items. This helps prevent spoiled groceries and wasted food. Also, try to select the paperless billing option for all your accounts. Statements won’t pile up in the house, and you’ll avoid paper waste. Additionally, try unsubscribing from retailers online to avoid an overwhelming email inbox and making excessive purchases.


Purchasing reusable utensils like straws and cutlery helps to limit single-use items and decreases the consumption of unnecessary plastics. Most reusable utensils are made for carrying around, making them easy to use outside of the home. Utilize a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing cases of plastic water bottles. An alarming amount of plastic bottles are thrown away daily in the United States. A water dispenser is also a great addition to your home, as it eliminates the need for plastic. This saves fridge space and encourages hydration by providing purified water.

Make the move to use reusable bags in the grocery store. They are more durable than plastic bags, and you can often find one with a great design!


Recycling is perhaps one of the most obvious ways to reduce waste at home. Upcycling involves creatively reusing an item while delaying the need to purchase new items. To compare recycling versus upcycling, you could recycle your clothes through a resale shop, or upcycle an old T-shirt to make a dog toy or cloth patches!

Reflecting on the amount of waste you produce can be daunting. Thankfully, there are many easy adjustments you can make that drastically reduce your carbon footprint over time.

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