Most Surprising Uses for Beeswax

Most Surprising Uses for Beeswax

Beeswax is an unusual natural product. Not only does it carry many benefits as a substance, but it can be used for many things. There are the most common products, like balms, salves, and fire starters that beeswax can be used to make. It gets really interesting, though, when you learn of the products it can be used for that you would never have thought of. For some of the most surprising uses for beeswax, read below.


The use of beeswax for candles goes back several centuries. An interesting thing about beeswax is that its melting point varies. More specifically, it varies around different parts of the world. The main reason for this is that there are different plants and compounds in different regions. Glands of the beeswax are affected by this which, in turn, affects the honey and wax. For this reason, the wax should be purified as much as possible; this will make the candle higher quality and more consistent.

Surface and Furniture Polishes/Sealants

Beeswax is a great alternative to many of the synthetics and chemicals used to make certain polishes and sealants for furniture. Both of these will work on furniture and surfaces. Beeswax products are better options because they’re safer for people to use. The synthetic, chemical-based polishes and sealants can have many negative health effects if a person is exposed the wrong way. Symptoms could include dizziness, rashes, and vomiting. Polish and sealants made from beeswax, however, are considered natural and don’t present the same dangers. These are great options if you have children or pets around.


While some soaps are made without beeswax, these don’t carry nearly as many benefits as soap with beeswax does. As with the candles mentioned above, much of this is because of how beeswax is produced. The wax is a natural product that, along with honey, carries many health benefits. Within both are enzymes and antibacterial and preservative properties. With beeswax added to soap, there are increased moisturizing and healing benefits for your skin. The beeswax also helps the soap harden and hold together better.


This might be one of the most surprising uses for beeswax. Since the product is known as wax, this might seem strange, but beeswax is actually edible. Not only is it edible, but there are many health benefits to consuming it. Sufficient evidence has shown that it can lower your cholesterol. The wax also carries aliphatic acids and alcohols that can further improve liver function. Even just eating a small amount frequently promotes better health.

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