Road Trip Destinations Near New Orleans

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Living in the USA, you have some of the best opportunities for road trips anywhere in the world. The wide American highways at your disposal can usher you from coast to coast like nowhere else, but it’s a shame that few people see New Orleans as a road trip destination. The areas surrounding New Orleans are ripe for exploration, with surprisingly beautiful swampland, a fantastic culture and delicious food. If you’re thinking about a road trip from New Orleans, whether you’re a local or from out-of-state, here’s how you should do it.


Road trips are great because they’re not too expensive – gas, food and motels don’t need too much of a budget as you don’t have to pay for tickets and activities like most vacations, unless there’s something specific you want to do. If you’re struggling for funding until your next paycheck, you can get money for your car, while you still drive it, with a service like that offered by car title loans Clermont campaign


While technically part of Lafayette, just a drive down the highway to Vermilionville will lead you to swamp country. The swampland can look lovely when the trees thin down a bit so you can see the light glimmering off the water, and you might even see some alligator as road-kill. As you drive down the interstate to Vermilionville, you’ll eventually realize you’re in Cajun country – the largest French-speaking area of the US. 

Once you’re in Vermilionville, you’ll be able to dive into the culture and history of Cajun country at places like the Jean Lafitte Acadian Cultural Center or the Folk Life Park close by. There are plenty of places to stay in Vermilionville, as well as fantastic music and great eateries like Randol’s, which has live seafood you can enjoy. 

Avery Island

Avery Island is close to Lafayette and it’s full of almost jungle-like gardens, with colorful plants and beautiful flowers, rivers and more. It’s also the place where Tabasco Pepper Sauce, the world-famous hot-sauce, is made – you can pick up a couple of bottles and learn about the amazing story behind the brand. 


Lafayette is a bustling Cajun hub, full of interesting museums in the downtown area with more music, more bars and more good times. There’s a Lafayette city sign that looks a bit like the Hollywood sign, and the Lafayette fountain is also a must-see. There are plenty of places to stay here, so lay your hat for the night before moving on. 

Lake Charles

On your way to Lake Charles, you can drive the Creole nature trail and get out to do some hikes if you want – it’s a great way to enjoy the wildlife of the state and see some beautiful views. The sun will likely be very hot, but if you’re lucky you’ll see a gator. On your way to Lake Charles, it’s recommended that you drive to Holly Beach to enjoy the colorful architecture, before either crossing on a ferry or driving back in the direction of Sulphur before getting to Lake Charles. When you’re in Lake Charles, indulge in the food and culture, catch a sunset if you can, and relax.

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