CNN Reporter Faces Discrimination, Intimidation at New Orleans Airport

In a disturbing incident, correspondent/anchor Amara Walker, who is of Asian American descent, tweeted that she was harassed and intimidated, not once, but three times, at Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport (MSY) by both citizens and security. Walker tweeted that first, a person of color spoke to her, saying “Ni Hao. Ching Chong.” Ching Chong is a common racial slur. 

Subsequently, another person got in her face, without a mask, asking whether she speaks English, and then proceeded to yell and curse at her while her producer alerted security. Good Samaritans came to her aid, as well, but the man continued to escalate his harassment.

When security came, instead of assisting her, they proceeded to berate and intimidate her instead, with her tweeting that he got in her producer’s face and said, “That was not racist! Ok? Asking if she speaks English is not racist, ok?”


Both Mayor Cantrell and the New Orleans Airport administration tweeted their concerns and apologies for the incident, and stressed that it is under investigation. 

More information as it becomes available.

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