How Do Cannabis and CBD Topicals Help Your Skin?


CBD and cannabis topicals are often suggested for those who want to experience CBD’s benefits without actually ingesting it. CBD topicals can be a useful tool when looking to nourish and care for your skin for this very reason.

The wide range of topicals that are now available makes them extremely versatile. However, while CBD topicals may be one of the most widely discussed and used forms of CBD, many people still know very little about how they work.

Understanding what CBD topicals are and how they interact with your body is the key to figuring out whether they are the right choice for you. So, how do they work?

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals describe any CBD product that is applied to the outer layer of the body as opposed to those that are ingested. The most traditional type of CBD topical is CBD-infused creams.

However, many brands are expanding the range of topical that they have available to include options such as CBD eye creams and CBD sun creams. CBD topicals do not have to come in cream form, with other popular options including bath bombs, lip balms, sprays, and patches.

How Are CBD Topicals Used?

CBD topicals can be used just like you would use any other cream. CBD lip balms, for example, are applied to your lips in exactly the same way that you would apply a regular lip balm. CBD-infused creams can be applied to a targeted area of skin and rubbed in just as you would use your favorite moisturizer.

The fact that CBD topicals are so easy to use, taking the place of your standard skincare products, is one of the reasons that they have become so popular.

The CBD contained within topicals interacts with the area of the body that it is applied to, resulting in localized effects. For many people, the ability to only affect small areas of the body is one of the things that make CBD topicals so appealing.

How Can CBD Topicals Help Your Skin?

#1 – Essential Oils

Many CBD topicals are packed with natural essential oils and minerals. This means that when using CBD topicals, you are not only providing your skin with a cannabinoid boost but also a blend of therapeutic oils like those found at CBD Oil UK.

While this is not the case for every CBD topical that you find, there is a general tendency for brands to choose essential oils that are known for their healing properties. Applying all of these different minerals and essential oils to your skin separately would be much more time consuming and costly.

#2 – Moisturizing

Topicals such as creams and balms are packed with moisturizing ingredients that have been chosen to help hydrate your skin. For example, you can enjoy CBD calming effects by applying CBD hand lotion whenever your skin feels dry. Using CBD topicals on a regular basis is, therefore, an excellent way to keep your skin moisturized and feeling great.

#3 – Natural Ingredients

There is a tendency for CBD brands to opt for natural ingredients as opposed to the long list of chemicals that we are used to seeing on many regular topicals. For many people, being able to shift away from artificial skin care products in such an easy way is a huge selling factor when it comes to CBD topicals.

#4 – Cannabinoid Boost

There have been a number of studies that have shown the different ways that boosting your body’s cannabinoid levels can support your body. Research has shown that CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial when applied to the skin. 

Providing the outer layer of your body with a regular dose of cannabinoids, and in particular, CBD, allows you to potentially experience the many benefits that studies are starting to discover.

Are CBD Topicals Worth Trying?

CBD topicals are an excellent way to experience the benefits of CBD. Whether you are someone who uses other forms of CBD already or who simply wants to try CBD for the first time, topicals offer everyone an option. Finding CBD topicals for sale that suit your skin care needs could not be easier.

One of the main advantages of CBD topicals is that there are so many options to choose from. You can also check west coast cure carts products. It is easy to swap out products that you already use, such as shampoos or face creams for those infused with CBD. This simple way of including CBD in your day means that you do not have to adjust your skincare routine or lifestyle while still being able to benefit from CBD. 

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Jonathan Miller has always been interested in natural wellness and learning about the different ways it can improve people’s lives. After graduating from college, Jonathan decided to pursue a career within the CBD industry, allowing him to learn even more about his area of passion. 

Jonathan has worked for Premium Jane for the last two years and has played a major role in the creation of many popular products. Particular areas of interest include CBD infused topicals and the diverse way in which they can be used.

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