Turn Back on the Lights of Hope in Our Democracy: 45’s Eviction Notice is in the Mail if We Vote

white house with an eviction notice

Across the country, and by all accounts, we have begun the almost absolute transition of power of the presidency. It seems almost surreal that we find ourselves questioning IF 45 will leave peacefully. More importantly, it leaves me disgusted that across the country, virtually and in person, hatred has taken over. One thing is absolutely certain–45 has been a carcinogen of racism, bigotry, and hatred in this country. In no other time in this country have we more closely questioned the ability of a person to transition from power peacefully. We know that these last minute actions of this president and many of his followers are directly related to the eminent feeling approaching. He feels the impending doom of a loss and possible jail time. Stand firm in this HOPE AND VOTE! 

Biden and Harris’s looming victory sends the message that the loud minority does not reflect who we are across the United States. I am referring to the loud minority of people that would have the audacity to try and run a Biden campaign bus off the road; or, the individuals attempting to suppress voting through white supremacy scare tactics. Make no mistake – we have seen this story before and HOPE WINS! People are disgusted and disillusioned by the hatred circulating. On Tuesday, we will make a resounding rebuke of fascism in our country. 

As the country has lost hundreds of thousands of lives, this president has gone on a temper tantrum tour across the country. He has lied consistently about the deaths that we have faced due to the coronavirus and distracted people using the playbook of Adolf Hitler. He has intently attacked the media, including Fox News, when he cannot get his way. More interestingly, he has even turned on people in his own administration who will not give license to his dictator-like practices. Make no mistake that there are even those around him who have buyer’s remorse. They have kept the worse of his child-like impulses on ice. Some of these individuals have left the administration disgusted by his child-like antics and others have stayed to safeguard our democracy. Make no mistake that if these people were not around him we would be in an even worse position than we are now.  

The framers of our Constitution were astute in their creation of our democracy. Our democracy is a tough old biddy, capable of handling the blows of idiocracy it has endured through bad leadership before. She will endure this time also. Our democracy has the ability to change with the times while preserving the ideals of leadership we hold dear. She is now in the fight for her life as it relates to changing in a way that secures equity for all people. The first and largest part of this fight is to evict Trump from the White House. Quite honestly, Joe Biden should forgo even offering a swearing-in speech as he enters the White House. This country is in such an emergency because of Trump that I would have the Chief Justice do the swearing in quickly and in the Oval Office. Biden’s refusal to share a stage with Trump would send the message that we do not negotiate with terrorists, bullies, or crybabies.  Sharing a stage with Trump at this point would be the equivalent of sharing the stage with the leader of North Korea. End this nightmare quickly and judiciously and have a ceremony later when Trump is not given a stage to lie, spread fear, or spread hatred in front of the entire world. 

Change comes tomorrow! The lights of Hope will be cut back on and the roaches of hatred and bigotry will go back into hiding. Keep your head up and realize this is not normal and shouldn’t feel like it is. After four years of being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually raped by this president we will finally have healing. The Eviction Notice is already in the Mail.

Jamal Anthony Taylor is a school district specialist in the area of special education services. In this capacity, he works with teachers in building capacity around the instruction of students with disabilities.  Taylor has been a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform. Mr. Taylor is also an owner of a political consulting company in the state of Louisiana and occasional contributor to Big Easy Magazine.


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