Clay Higgins Claims Election Compromised, Has Inside Data

In a dimly lit and rambling video, recently reelected U.S. Representative Clay Higgins (R-La) stares into the camera. In the since-deleted Facebook video, Higgins is sweating and red-faced. He claims to have “inside data” that the election has been compromised. “Listen to me America, Donald J. Trump, President Trump has been an anointed blessing to our nation.” He continues, “Our nation, right now, and I have inside data, this election is compromised. Our President is not compromised. I stand with him. Whether anybody likes it or not.”

He adds, “…we don’t want to fight. We love our brothers and sisters, disagree though we may… However, I have to tell you, that this election, our president won this election. Feel my spirit, I’m telling you our President won this election. And if any American would stand by and allow the total dissolution of our Republic then you’re not an American.”

“You think I liked it when socialist Obama won in 2008, 2012? No, but we respected that office, we respected that, that election. This thing here, it, and since 2016 all the Democrats used to love President Trump. They loved him when, when he was writing them checks, when he was a billionaire, when he was showing up in movies, cameo appearance here, cameo appearance there, oh at this party, that party. Your party wasn’t complete you Hollywood unless Trump supported it or showed up.”

Finally, Higgins says, “Now we’re going to use Article Three.” His meaning is unclear, but Article Three in the U.S. Constitution concerns the establishment of the U.S. Supreme Court. It establishes the punishment for treason, as well.

He concludes, “We’re going to follow of course the peaceful resolution. But America, understand, understand that there’s there’s many, many red-blooded, solid patriots that stand with President Trump.”

This is not the first time Representative Higgins has provided opinions that some might consider peculiar. Last month, he claimed on Twitter that his fourth wife Becca had the gift of premonition and that she dreamed the federal government would invade his home for, among other things, having illegally stored water.

He is also known for daring black protesters to come to Lafayette, saying that he would, “drop any ten of you.”

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