How to Keep Your Education Ongoing During the Pandemic?

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The pandemic has forced people all over the world to shift their ways of doing things. Almost every government in the world is taking steps to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading by imposing lockdown to increase social distancing. Several companies have transformed their operations, or they had to shut their doors forever.

The education system has also taken a toll during the pandemic. Schools, colleges, and universities had to cancel their classes, and several of them shifted to online courses and teaching methods to keep the education system running.

Even though online classes may not be a new thing to several parts of the world, students in America have probably never come across online education. Therefore you may need to learn a few tricks and tips to prepare yourself for the new phase of education in America.

Online Homework Resources

Before the pandemic, the use of online resources was limited to getting help for classes and assignments. Students visited websites to get help for their homework and when they felt stuck with their studies. Some students also used  websites like Essay Wall Street to get additional resources from online tutors and experts.

Homework may still be assigned during online classes that need to get submitted online on the website or app designated by the educator. You are still expected to produce the same quality of work that you used to before the pandemic.

However, since you cannot access several resources like the library, you will have to look for other sources of gathering information. You can use websites like Homeworkmarket to access resources and get help with your homework so that you don’t fall behind in your grades.

Online Tools

Students may need some time to get used to new methods of online education. Teachers and professors are making use of several resources available on the internet to conduct the classes. Some of them are using pre-recorded videos and podcasts to teach their students.

Institutes are encouraging teachers and professors to use different kinds of apps to continue the process of education. Some teachers and professors are also using games to teach their students. These educational tools are extremely useful for students, so you can learn using them. These are Some of the most useful ones.


Canvas is one of the most popular study management tools used by educators and students all over American. Canvas is used for conducting discussions, creating forums, arranging tests, and having interactive sessions by teachers and professors.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is one of the oldest online teaching platforms in the country and used by several large universities. Teachers and professors use it to assign courses, receive homework, publish modules, and several other educational purposes.


Several teachers and professors use Panopto to record their classes and share them with the students. Teachers also use Panopto to conduct live study sessions with the students.


Writing your homework and proofreading it for errors is not always an easy task. You can use Grammarly to make your homework free of grammatical mistakes. The use of Grammarly also improves your writing skills over time.

Online Courses

Educational institutions have made several courses free for students to encourage them to continue their education online. Harvard University offered several of its online courses without any charges during the pandemic. You can utilize these courses to continue your education. The purpose of these courses is to ensure that students like you can get a high-quality education at home without risking their safety. So look for such free courses online that pique your interest so that you can learn more while you are stuck at home. You can pick and choose the right course for you not only taking into account your personal interests but also the current market demand. By exploring all the possible options, you will be faced with a myriad of  free online courses which provide a big variety of resources and lessons for your choice. The best thing about online learning is that you can learn different things at your own pace.

These educational institutions also use popular applications like zoom and skype to conduct their live classes. Some of them offer pre-recorded sessions that you can download and watch to learn at a convenient time. While pre-recorded sessions have the advantage of convenience, they are not interactive sessions like the live ones. So you should prefer to choose live classes instead of pre-recorded sessions.

Downloadable Content

People all over the world are sharing their knowledge and resources now more than ever. You can download useful content related to your education from several sources without any charges.

Some websites offer ebooks, podcasts, and videos for free to students, so make use of these resources. These sites are constantly updated with fresh educational material, so keep checking them for things they may be useful for your education.

Schools, colleges, and universities may have canceled their classes. But the world hasn’t stopped, and you need to continue your education to ensure that you can survive once the pandemic is over. So make sure that you find means to continue your education with the help of online resources so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

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