How Do Moving Companies Work During Pandemic

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In the early months of 2020, the world is shocked about the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). To combat its human transmission, the governments have to put a stop to the usual routines of everyday life in the United States of America and in the other parts of the globe. And since social distancing and travel restrictions are in place, moving to a new location may be something to talk about, considering the adjustments made by most moving companies because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keep reading this article to learn about how moving companies usually work during pandemic. 

Understanding COVID-19

As provided for by the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 refers to an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Unlike other types of coronaviruses, this disease is new and unknown until an outbreak happens in Wuhan, China in December 2019. 

Moreover, COVID-19 as a new strain in the existing coronviruses is highly contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another through respiratory droplets from the nose or mouth. This is one of the reasons why social distancing and wearing of face masks are in place to reduce the spread. 

On the other hand, when a person has been infected with this disease, they may develop a mild or serious respiratory health issue, which can potentially lead to death if not treated properly and timely. 

Moving As An Essential Business

For most people, moving to a new place is something that can’t be postponed, especially if you have a lease contract that’s going to end or purchase a new home with an upcoming closing date. With these situations, it’s important to access the best moving companies in your area in order to relocate. This is where the question on whether a moving business is essential or not enters into the picture. 

While most states and cities have imposed a temporary closure of non-essential businesses, moving, on the other hand, is typically considered essential for whatever purpose it may serve best. But, since the legal basis behind the closure of non-essential businesses vary from one state to another, it’s best to check in your area whether moving companies are still in operation despite the pandemic. Major national moving companies like Mayflower Movers will have the most advanced safety measures in place for Covid and will be the safest to work with. 

Moving Companies’ COVID-19 Policy

Given the government’s imposition of health protocols to fight the spread of COVID-19, then, moving companies as an essential business, are also expected to put protocols in place for the protection and safety of their employees and customers. For instance, if you’re moving to Manhattan or other parts of the country, the following are COVID-19 practices that most moving companies follow during this pandemic:

  • Observing federal and local guidelines regarding sanitization and social distancing measures.
  • Wearing of face masks and gloves for the moving crew as well as customers for protection
  • Following social distancing protocols during the moving day among everyone involved
  • Keeping hand sanitizers and disinfectants inside the moving trucks
  • Using hand sanitizers and disinfectants when packing and loading boxes to the trucks
  • Frequently disinfecting trucks before using them
  • Performing virtual home surveys to come up with a moving estimate
  • For those with storage services, limiting hours of accessibility, reduction of number of people who can access their units, following proper hygiene practices, and many more.

Depending on how far the distance is and how many belongings you’re planning to relocate, and their sizes, you will want to make sure you hire the most experienced movers, like those at Seka Moving. Access the following link for more info.

As you can see, all the practices mentioned above can help make sure that moving services will be available to those who need them. As long as the movers know how to keep everyone safe from the disease, they can remain accessible even in the middle of this global health crisis. However, if you want to be sure about your movers’ COVID-19 policy, don’t hesitate to visit their website or talk to them directly. That way, you’ll know what to expect when you decide to pursue your relocation amidst the pandemic. 

Should You Move During Pandemic?

Generally, the reasons for long distance moving differ from one person to another. If you believe the schedule of your relocation can’t be postponed a little longer, you may decide to relocate but you’re expected to follow the government’s health protocols as well as the moving company’s safety practices. This can help you ensure everyone involved will not be affected by the disease. 

However, in case you’re not feeling well during the moving day, cancelling it may not be the best option. Because of this, the best thing you should do is inform the moving company about your health condition so they can adequately prepare and adjust their social distancing and sanitation measures to protect their crews. 

While your movers will still work for you, it’s also important to observe some health protocols for the safety of everyone. For example, while packing, it’s best to use medical-grade disposable gloves and face masks for your health and safety. After use, dispose of your personal protective equipment properly and sanitize your hands. Also, don’t forget to sanitize all the items and when your movers arrive on the bog day, stay away from them to avoid the spread of the virus, in case you’re infected. 


Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way moving companies do their business. But, in order to continuously offer quality moving services to customers, they need to put some health practices to ensure everyone’s not infected by the disease. 

Thus, if you’re planning to move during this unfortunate time, keep reading this article so you’ll know what to do from the beginning to end.

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