Ways Retail Stores Can Attract the Gen Z Demographic

Ways Retail Stores Can Attract the Gen Z Demographic

Quarantine has brought out some interesting style choices in all of us. This time has greatly affected retail businesses. Suddenly “shabby chic” is the style direction we’re moving into as we strive to find normalcy amid a pandemic. Following health and safety guidelines while keeping your business afloat has been an adjustment. Now you can no longer let people try on items before buying, and you must decide whether to adjust return and exchange policies.

The style combo seems to be party on the bottom, business on the top, and so…many…mask patterns! As apps such as TikTok blow up, we start to see the clothing trends of the newest generation of trendsetters. Finding ways retail stores can attract the Gen Z demographic will boost sales quickly.

The Gen Z crowd strives for comfort within their wardrobe above all else. This group loves to dance; therefore, their clothes need to move too. Many of what they wear is bargain shopping, jazzed up with tie-dying, reverse tie-dying (using bleach on dark colors), cropping, and heat-transferring vinyl they cut themselves.

Tie-Dye, Bleaching Kits, and Vinyl

The Gen Z population is insistent on being individual. More than ever, there are terms, phrases, and a slew of new portmanteaus to differentiate one person from another. Decorating their clothing is one thing they like to do to stand out.

Retail businesses are missing a huge opportunity in sales by not offering fabric dye and bleach when selling blank clothing to this demographic. Additionally, many of these individuals use pattern cutting machinery to cut vinyl and iron it onto their clothing and accessories. Selling these adhesive vinyl sheets in the same place as the clothing is ideal.

There are many ways retail stores can attract the Gen Z demographic. Understanding what’s trending can make a significant difference in revenue. Not making your store a one-stop-shop for clothes and the materials used to enhance these items is simply a missed opportunity.

Matching is the Name of the Game

Offering a slew of different clothing items that can be mixed and matched is useful when catering to the Gen Z population. These kids like options. If you do sell patterned clothing products, selling matching masks with them can boost your sales immensely. At this point, we can’t have too many face masks. We wear them everywhere, and this particular grouping of people loves to boost their style while still meeting essential health and safety guidelines.

Sweats All the Way

Consider offering items in bulk for those starting businesses from home. Additionally, promote several different clothing items to pair together such as joggers, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, high-rise sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, hats, and socks. Everything goes on social media, so word of a good deal and a favorable assortment will spread like wildfire.

This generation is incredibly resourceful and creative when it comes to what they wear. They love to match clothing items and find many variations while wearing a few key articles of clothing. Catering to this crowd is easier than ever because what they desire from their clothing suppliers are blank canvases to create their own unique items.

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