9 Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

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Sex isn’t just pleasurable; it’s also good for your health. Its health advantages range from lowering stress levels to reducing heart attacks and cancer risks. Sex also encourages feelings of intimacy and connection with your partner.

This sort of connectedness accomplishes more than making you feel fuzzy and warm. It lessens anxiety and improves your overall well-being. If you like to have better rest or a more solid immune system, stimulation in the bedroom can help you achieve this and more.

Better Physical Fitness

Sex is a type of exercise. As indicated by the American Heart Association, sexual activity is identical to moderate physical exercises, such as climbing two stairwells or brisk walking. The movement of sex can tone and tighten pelvic and stomach muscles. For ladies, a refined muscle tone develops bladder control.

Furthermore, individuals who stress that the effort engaged with sex is dangerous to the heart do not have to worry. The American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement on Sexual Activity and Cardiovascular Disease states that having intercourse is alright for individuals who can exercise with no heart issues in the scope of 3 to 5 metabolic equivalents  (METs).

Having intercourse is also regarded as a relatively good type of exercise. A minor study distributed in October 2013 in the diary PLoS One illustrated that men shed a standard of 4 calories every minute during a 25-minute sex session. Meanwhile, ladies shed three calories per minute. The number of calories burned off is equal to working endlessly on a treadmill, which is less enjoyable.

Better Sleep

Your body discharges oxytocin, also known as the “intimacy” or “love” hormone. Another hormone, endorphin, is likewise present during an orgasm. The mix of these hormones can work as sedation, which helps you get a good sleep. Furthermore, better sleep also has its benefits, such as a longer lifespan and a stronger immune system.

Boosts Fertility

Increased fertility will seem like ­music to most men’s ears. Research studies have discovered that if you frequently have sex, your sperm quality will improve. Semen health was determined to be in the best condition when the subject had sex in the last two days before undergoing the test. Semen health also greatly diminishes after ten days without intercourse.

If you’re planning to have a child, keep sperm in tip-top shape and fresh by engaging in sexual relations at least two times per week. Do not limit your intercourse around the time of the lady’s ovulation. Incessant sex can also help balance a female’s hormones and manage her periods, increasing the conceiving odds.

However, if you have fertility issues, it is better to visit fertility specialists since they can run some tests and recommend the best treatment options like sperm and egg donation, IVF, or home insemination.  

Gender-Specific Gains

In men’s cases, ejaculation reduces the risk of acquiring prostate cancer. The study observed a man who had a record of ejaculating at least 21 times each month. In women’s cases, sexual activity toughens the bladder, which develops the bladder function.

Frequent sexual activity eases the vagina and makes it more convenient for females to participate in sexual activity. A lubricated vagina is especially vital as women grow older. If you don’t have a partner, you can opt to masturbate using sex toys, such as the Silicone Double Dildo.

Happier Mood and a Stronger Relationship

It’s not a bit surprising that you have a more positive disposition after sex. There are numerous biochemical reasons for encountering improved disposition as a sex advantage. With neurotransmitters’ presence that the body discharges during healthy intercourse and the mood boosters in the semen itself, proving that sex can lift your mood is simpler. 

Furthermore, aside from the chemical effects, having a pleasant connection with someone you love, and trust can work wonders for your disposition. Besides lifting your mood, sex can also help you form a stronger bond with your partner. There is a charm to spending an intimate and sexual experience with your partner, which dramatically improves your dynamic.

Lower Heart Attack Risk

If you want a healthier heart, have more sex. Sexual activities assist in keeping hormone levels, such as testosterone and estrogen, in check. When these hormones are not in balance, conditions like coronary illnesses and osteoporosis may emerge.

With regard to ensuring heart well-being by engaging in sexual activities, more is ideal. A study in men indicated that the individuals who had intercourse two times each week were 50% less inclined to pass away due to a coronary illness than other less sexually active peers.

Stronger Immune System

Sexually active individuals are more likely to take fewer days off. Individuals who have intercourse have a stronger immune system that guards your body against germs, infections, viruses, etc. In Pennsylvania, scientists at Wilkes University discovered that people who had intercourse a few times per week had more significant antibody levels that fight against diseases.

However, it is not recommended only to have sex to shield against sickness. You should still observe the proper ways to care for your body. For example, consuming healthy food, staying active, getting enough rest, keeping up with vaccinations, etc. Furthermore, always use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Reduce Sex and Anxiety

Sexual excitement can greatly diminish cortisol levels, a stress hormone, which may support the notion that sex can help people relax. Another explanation of why sex may help lower anxiety and stress and lift overall disposition is that it discharges endorphins. Endorphins are synapses related to heightened feelings of energy, pleasure, and motivation.

Relieves Headaches

As reiterated before, engaging in sexual activities discharges several feel-good hormones, including oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormones create feelings of joy, euphoria, and pleasure, which helps individuals forget that annoying headache.

A recent study in Germany found that 60% of people who suffer from migraines felt better after having intercourse. Individuals tormented with cluster headaches can cheer up because a similar report found that 37% of people felt better after engaging in sex.


Sex can have a broad scope of benefits for your physical and mental health. Sex decreases anxiety and stress and can increase feelings of love and intimacy with your partner. It also helps you avoid illnesses, get better sleep, and burn calories. After some time, good sex life may even decrease your risk of chronic diseases.

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