How To Help Your Male Partner With Sexual Dysfunction

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Although sexual disorders aren’t that a big deal to some, there are other men who experience and handle it differently. Sometimes, it takes a toll on their mental health and their relationships with their partner. Sexual dysfunctions vary from low libido or low sexual desire, ejaculation disorders, to erectile dysfunction. These disorders have to be addressed more seriously than not as they may worsen already complicated conditions.

As a partner, you have to play a major part in helping your other half who is currently struggling with sexual dysfunction. There are some ways that you can assist him, especially with the emotional aspects that may affect his mental health. Here are somethings that you can do: 

  • Do your own research.

If you suddenly noticed that your partner is struggling in bed during intercourse multiple consecutive times, you can research for possible symptoms and the reasons that can cause it. There are several factors that may contribute to it like medical conditions, drug medications, substance abuse, mental instability, stress, etc. Having more knowledge about this can help you in knowing what you can do for your partner.

  • Talk to your partner.

Establish good communication between the two of you. Sometimes relationship conflicts are a factor that causes these dysfunctions. Sit down and talk out if there is something about your relationship that stresses him out. You should also ask him about his work or anything that might have caused him severe stress.

  • Ensure him that your relationship is secured.

Chances are your partner is anxious as well as whether or not he is satisfying you in bed.  Make sure that you tell him that everything about your relationship is okay and there is nothing he should worry about the two of you. Tell him how much you love him. These affirmations will definitely help your partner worry less.

  • Consult a medical practitioner.

Sexual dysfunctions are also caused by health disorders and diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc. If your partner does not have any diseases that you know about, consult a doctor at Boston Medical Group and have him tested to make sure that he has no underlying conditions.

  • Persuade your partner in visiting male clinics and getting treatments.

A visit to a male clinic should be regularly done. These doctors are specialized in treating various disorders that are specific to men. They also treat sexual-related conditions like erectile dysfunctions and other sexual disorders. For consultations and to see which treatment your partner might need, click this link

  • Help your partner with his lifestyle choices.

Another thing that you can do is making sure that your partner is making the right decisions for his life. Monitor his habits that may affect his physical and mental health. Smoking and drug and alcohol consumption are also major factors that can cause sexual disorders. Encourage him to stop all these vices and start living healthy.

  • Consider going to a sex therapist.

If you think it will help his condition and he’s open to it, invite him to see a sex therapist as a couple. These therapists are capable of giving advice about a relationship problem that is related to sex. Counselling may help improve both of your performances.

  • Seek help from a therapist for yourself.

If your partner’s struggle with his sexual dysfunction is taking a toll on you too, make sure to ask help for yourself from a counselor. This will help with your own mental health and will ensure that you are still capable of handling you and your partner’s situation. You can also advise your partner to take counselling sessions if you think his mental health is starting to worsen. This will prevent you both from burning out.

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